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MATERNITY motherhood
MATERNAL motherly
MATRON an older woman, one sufficiently mature to be a mother
ALMA MATER (soul mother) the school or college which one attended
MATRIMONY marriage
MATRICIDE the killing of one's mother
SUICIDE( SUI = of oneself) the killing of oneself
FRATRICIDE( frater/fratis = brother) the killing of one's brother
SORORICIDE(soror = sister) the killing of one's sister
HOMICIDE(homo = person) the killing of human being
MONSLAUGHTER killing without intention
REGICIDE( REX/REGIS = king) the killing of a king
UXORICIDE( UXOR = wife) the killing of one's wife
MARITICIDE( MARITIUS = husband) the killing of one's husband
INFANTICIDE( INFANS/INFANTIS = baby) the killing of new born child
GENOCIDE( GENOS = race/kind) the killing of a whole race or nation
PARRICIDE the killing of either or both parents
TO FRATENIZE to have a brotherly relationship (with)
FRATERNAL brotherly; also designates non identical (twins)
FRATERNITY brotherhood; men's organisation; any group of people with simliar intrest or profession
SORORITY women's organisation
UXORIOUS one who loves his wife too much
HENPECKED one who is dominated by his wife
UXORIAL pertaining to, characteristic of, or befitting a wife
MARITAL pertaining to, characteristic of, or befitting a husband; but the meaning includes relationship of both wife and husband
MONOMANIAC(MONO = one + MANIA = madness) abnormal obsession in respect to one particular thing, but is otherwise normal
DIPSOMANIA( DIPSA = thirst) morbid compulsion to keep on absorbing alcoholic beverages
KLEPTOMANIA( KLEPTE = thief) morbid compulsion to thief
PYROMANIA( PYROS = fire) morbid compulsion to start fires
INCENDRIARISM( INCENDO/ INCENSUS = to set fire) malicious and deliberate burning of another's property
ARSON(ANDRO/ARSUS = to burn) setting fire to one's property for an improper purpose such as economic gain
MEGALOMANIA(MEGAS = great;big;large) morbid delusions of grandeur, power, importance, godliness
NYMPHOMANIA(nymph = bride) morbid, incessant, uncontrollable and intense desire, on the part of female for sexual intercourse
SATYROMANIA (SATYROS = satyr) morbid, incessant, uncontrollable and intense desire, on the part of male for sexual intercourse
SATYR was mythological Greek God, notorious for lechery
SATYRIASIS more common name for satyromania
CLAUSTROPHOBIA( CLAUSTRUM = enclosed place + PHOBIA = morbid fear) morbid dread of being physically hemmed in, of enclosed spaces, of crowds, etc.
AGROPHOBIA( AGORA = market place) morbid dread of open space; reverse of claustrophobia
ACROPHOBIA(AKROS = highest) morbid dread of high places
ICONOCLAST( EIKON = a religious image + KLAEIN = to break) sneers at conventions and traditions
ATHEIST ( A- + THEOS = god) doesnot believe in god
AGNOSTICISM( A- + GNOSTOS = known) philosophy that claims god is unknowable
DIAGNOSIS( DIA- + GNOSIS) (through + knowledge) knowing thru examination or testing
PROGNOSIS(PRO- = before+ GNOSIS) prediction, generally but not solely as to the course of a disease
MONOTHEISM belief in one god
POLYTHEISM belief in many gods
PANTHEISM( PAN = all + THEOS) " god is a combination of all forces of universe"
THEOLOGY the study of god and religion
LECHER( LECHIER = to lick) make sexual advances to everyone else's wife
LICENTIOUS(LICERE) to be permitted
ILLICIT not permitted
LEWD(LEWED) (vile)
LUSTFUL (blank)
PRURIENT(PRURIO = to itch/ to long for) describes someone who is filled with great sexual curiosity, desire, longing, etc.
PRURITIS medical condition in which skin is very itchy
HYPOCHONDRIA(HYPOS + CHONDROS) (under + cartilage of the breastbone) unceasingly and unhappily anxious about health
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