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Parts 1 and 2 TKAM

Questions over To Kill A Mockingbird

Who is the author of To Kill A Mockingbird? Harper Lee
Who narrates the story? Scout Finch
Where is the novel set? Maycomb, AL
How could the Ewell family best be described? White trash
What does Dolphus Raymond pretend to be? A drunk
Tom Robinson was found ______ by the jury. Guilty
Who is the maid/mother figure in the Finch household? Calpurnia
Why does Atticus know he will lose Tom's case? Tom is black and the jury is white.
Who does Scout find underneath her bed one evening? Dill
What is the Christmas gift Uncle Jack brings for the children? air rifles
What is the name of the cousin Scout beats up on Christmas Day at Finch's Landing? Francis
Why do some people criticize Miss Maudie? She has a pretty display of flowers.
Why does Jim read to Mrs. Dubose? She is trying to wean herself off morphine before she dies.
Who is the town gossip? Miss Stephanie
What happens to Miss Maudie's house? It burns
Which character is most like a mockingbird in a symbolic sense? Tom Robinson
Who spits in Atticus's face at the Post Office? Bob Ewell
What member of the jury tries to save Tom but is unable to convince the other jurors? Mr. Cunningham
Who stays with the children during the trial to give them a female influence? Aunt Alexandra
Atticus refers to Mayella as "m'am" and "Miss Mayella". She believes he is doing what? making fun of her
How does the reader know that Tom is innocent? His left arm is useless.
Who saves the children from Bob Ewell? Boo Radley
Sheriff Tate states that Bob Ewell fell on his own knife. Who is Sheriff Tate protecting? Boo Radley
Who stands up for Helen Robinson when Bob Ewell harrasses her? Link Deas
Created by: duers