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ch. 24 mt

skin tag acrochordon
partial to complete loss of hair alopecia
pain in joints arthralgia
inflammation of the joints arthritis
hardening of the arteries charecterized by fatty deposits. arthersclerosis
surgical removal of a bunion bunionectomy
cramped pains in calves caused by poor circulation claudication
clicking or cracking sound upon joint movement crepitation
mental disorder charectorized by chronic personality degeneration. dementia
a physician who treats the old geriatrician
study of all aspects of the aging process gerontology
inflammation of the underlying spinal or cranial nerve pathway herpes zoster
highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory system , airborn influenza
abnormal outward curvature of the spine; humpback kyphosis
thickening or hardening of the skin lichenification
between ages 74-84 middle-old
urination at night noturia
85 years or older old-old
degenerative joint disease osteoarthritis
bones that were once strong and became weak due to fragile bone density osteoporosis
nonmetabolic disease of the bone charecterized by excessive bone distruction pagets disease
slowly progressive deterioration of nerves in the brainstems motor system parkinsons disease
acute inflammation of the lungs pneumonia
loss of hearing in the natural aging process presbycusis
loss of accomodation for near vision presbyopia
reflection of skins elasticity turgor
inability to control urination urinary incontinence
between ages 65-74 young-old
ankl/o stiff
arthr/o joint
carcin/o heart
cry/o cold
geront/o old age
glauc/o gray, silver
glyc/o sugar
-itis inflammation
kerat/o hard, horney
-malacia softening
myx/o relation to mucus
neur/o nerve
-opia visual condition
oste/o bone
presby/o old, elderly
pulmon/o lung
scier/o hard
spondyl/o spine
troph/o developement
urin/o urine
form of arthritis charectorized by inflammation of the first metatarsal joint of the great toe gout
condition of the leg involving annoying sensations of uneasiness restless leg syndrome
turning of the eyelash margins from the eyeball that leads to exposure of the eyelid ectropion
condition charectorized by decreased mobility of the lower 2/3 of the esophagus achalasia
herpes zoster, acute viral infection shingles
silvery white scales over round, raised, reddened plaques producing pruritus psioriasts
abnormal softening of bones due to a deficiancy of calcium and phosphates in the blood osteomalacia
nearsightedness myopia
abnormal sounds or murmur in the heart bruit
fear of getting old gerontophobia
adnormal enlargement of the joint at the base of the great toe bunion
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