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Campylobacter and other curved rods

What is the morphology of Campylobacter? Curved(spirals or “seagulls”) gram negative bacilli.
What are the growth requirements for Campylobacter? Slow growing, fastidious and require a microaerophilic atmosphere.
What are the reservoirs for Campylobacter? Inhabits the gastrointestinal tract of poultry, pigs, dog, cats and sheep.
Which species within the genus of Campylobacter is most responsible for disease in humans? Campylobacter jejuni
Campylobacter grows best at the body temperature of what animal? at the body temperature of a bird (42 degrees C), and seems to be well adapted to birds, who carry it without becoming ill.
What specimen would be required for Campylobacter? from feces or blood
What are the selective media for Campylobacter? Modified Skirrow Campy-blood agar plate CCDA Campy-CVA (all with antibiotics)
What are the incubation requirements for Campylobacter? Incubation of media at 42° under microaerophilic conditions. Requires 3 to 5% oxygen and 2 to 10% carbon dioxide for optimal growth conditions.Incubate 72 hours
How might molecular essays be useful? in direct detection from diarrhea samples.
Most Campylobacter infections are self-limiting and are not treated with antibiotics.
What extraintestinal infections may occur in immunocompromised hosts. (meningitis and arthritis)
C. Jejuni causes what infection in humans? diarrhea, which may be watery or sticky and can contain blood (usually occult) and fecal leukocytes (white cells).
What should be observed on selective media? suspicious colonies-grayish, slightly mucoid, tailing effect along the streakline
How would you id jejuni? oxidase-pos catalase-pos gram stain-curved neg rods ( faintly staining- seagull wings) p. 418 susceptibility to naladixic acid growth 25
Is C. jejuni a reportable disease in Virginia? Yes
How is Campylobacter spread among chickens? Campylobacter can be easily spread from bird to bird through a common water source or through contact with infected feces. When an infected bird is slaughtered, Campylobacter can be transferred from the intestines to the meat.
How does water aid in the transmission of Campylobacter Jejuni? Surface water and mountain streams can become contaminated from infected feces from cows or wild birds.
What is one of the most common bacterial causes of diarrheal illness in the United States. Campylobacter Jejuni. Virtually all cases occur as isolated, sporadic events, not as a part of large outbreaks.
Why does Campylobacteriosis occur much more frequently in the summer months than in the winter? Who knows? It just does.
Which segment of the population is more affected by Campylobacter? The organism is isolated from infants and young adults more frequently.
What is the recommended treatment for Campylobacter infection? Virtually all persons infected with Campylobacter will recover without any specific treatment.
Are there after effects associated with campylobacter infection? Yes. Rarely some people may have arthritis following campylobacteriosis; others may develop Guillain-Barré syndrome
What is the gram morphology of H. pylori? Curved microaerophilic gram neg rods
What was H. pylori previously called? H.pylori -was called Campylobacter pylori
What are some of the manifestations of H. pylori? -colonizes the human gastric mucosa-untreated infections last the lifetime of the host.-carriers may be at increaed risk of developing gastritis,peptic ulcers and gastric carcinoma.
What specimen would be used for H. pylori examination? Collect tissue biopsy
What procedure would you use to id H. pylori in the lab? Selective media ( similar to Campy) @35-37 C Slow grower (4-7 days) Gram stain similar ID methods as Campy (table 36-3) oxidase pos, catalase pos, urease pos
What other detection methods are available for H. pylori? Direct detection (most widely used): urease kit, urea breath test, EIA, monoclonal ab.Serodiagnosis is not as reliable
What is the recommended course for H. pylori infection? Treatment usually involves a combination of antibiotics, acid suppressors, and stomach protectors (Pepto-Bismol)
What are the other Heliobacter species? H.cinaedi and fennelliae causes, proctitis enteritis and sepsis in homosexual men.H.cinaedi causes sepsis, cellulitis and meningitis in immunocompromised patients.
How would the other Heliobacter species be diagnosed? Collect stool or blood samples Use selective media, slow grower Perform gram stainID methods similar to Campylobacter
Describe Arcobacter Curved, fastidious gram neg rods Associated with persistent watery diarrhea Causes gastroenteritisSources: pigs, humans, waterGrowth @25C
What is Skirrow agar? Skirrow's medium is blood agar infused with a cocktail of antibiotics: vancomycin, polymixin-B and trimethoprim under microaerophilic conditions at 42 °C
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