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English- Vocab

english 102

Aphorism short concise statement of a principle or sentiment
Alliteration repetition of the same consonant sounds beginning each word in a sequence of words.
Archetype characters, images and themes that symbolically embody human meaning and experiences.
Didactic literature that attempts to teach a lesson, or has a moral, inspires a model for proper behavior
cultural criticism critical method that advocates an interdisciplinary approach using history.
figurative language use of a word or group of words that is literally inaccurate but describes a person or event vividly by getting responses that it evokes.
dynamic character contradictory and changing in some way during the story.
diction writers choice of language including words, or phrases and sentence structure.
feminist criticism sought to correct a predominated male dominate critical perspective with a woman's point of view.
epic oldest form of narrative; written in an elevated style that chronicles important heroic deeds and events in a nations history.
convention tradtional or commonly accepted technique of writing that sometimes an unbelievable device that the reader agrees to believe.
genre literary work such as short story, poem, novel, essay, play or poem.
irony literary device that uses words to express something other than that what is meant by the speaker.
Objective narrator way of telling a story from a third person POV with out revealing the thoughts or feelings of any character
unreliable narrator gives an interpretation of events that the reader cannot trust to represent the views of the author
climax turning point of highest interest in a narrative; the point at which the most important part of action takes place and the final outcome or resolution of the plot becomes inevitable.
connotation associative meanings that have built up around a work or what a word connotates.
graphic novels substantial single volumes of pictorial images arranged in a sequence to narrate a story ...with or without words.
foreshadowing introduction of specific words into a narrative to suggest or anticipate later events that are central to the action and its resolution.
hyperbole exaggerated statements that are not intended to be taken for truth.
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