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FCM 2 Quiz 4


What are the (4) causes of dispersing and descending aspect of the lung? 1)Attack by pathogenic factors on the body surface or lung directly 2) Blockage of the lung's vessels by phlegm 3) Excessive liver qi & fire which goes up to attack lung 4) Pre-condition of Lung qi xu or lung yin
What are the (3) causes of disturbances in lung yin? 1)Pathogenic dry heat 2) Accumulation of phlegm and fire 3) Emotional disturbances
What are the (4) causes of spleen qi xu? 1) Improper diet which results in spleen's failure to transport nutrients 2) Weak body 3) Chronic illness 4) Overstrain
(2) Causes of spleen yang xu? 1)Spleen qi xu 2) Diminished of life gate fire (ming men)
(4) Causes of ascending hyperactive liver yang? 1)Liver qi stagnation 2) Sudden outbursts of anger 3)Abnormal emotional activities 4) Yin Xu
What are the (4) causes of liver blood xu? 1) Chronic illness 2) Loss of blood 3) Poor diet 4) Weakened functioning of SP & ST
What are the (2) causes of liver yin xu? 1)Emotional Disturbance 2)Deficiency of Kidney yin
What are the (4) causes of Kidney qi xu? 1) Juvenile KI essence xu 2) Old Age 3) Over indulgence in sexual activity 4) Chronic illness
What are the (4) causes of loss of essence? 1) Old People 2) People w/congenital weakness 3) After chronic illness 4) People who are malnourished
What are the (7) causes of Kidney yin xu? 1) Chronic Illness 2) Fire from 5 viscera 3) Fire arising from emotional abnormalities 4) Accumulation of pathogenic heat 5) Loss of blood & fluids 6) overuse of warm tonics & foods 7) TMS
What are the (5) causes of Kidney yang xu? 1) Def. of HT & SP 2) TMS 3) Chronic Illness 4) Overindulgence of cold herbs & foods 5) yin cold pathogens
Created by: nicoleinsd2