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PBE John Practice

CVAC Practice

According to John 1:18, Who has declared God to us? Be specific. "The only begotten Son"
According to John 21:3, When Peter had gathered together 7 of Jesus' disciples together, what did he tell them? Be Specific. “I am going fishing.”
According to John 1:32, What sign did God give John to recognize the Son of God who baptizes with the Spirit? Be specific. 'Upon whom you see the Spirit descending, and remaining on Him, this is He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit"
According to John 5:7, when did the sick man at Bethesda say he wanted a man to put him into the pool? When the water is stirred up
According to John 10:34, Jesus quoted a Bible verse to the people who were preparing to stone him. What was it? “You are gods”
According to John 8:42 where did Jesus say he proceeded from? Be specific. "I proceeded forth and came from God"
According to John 17:22, what did Jesus say he gives to all who believe in him so that we all may be one like Jesus and the Father are one? And the glory which You gave Me
According to John 1, What is the name of Peter's father? Jonah
According to John 7:30, why did no one lay a hand on Jesus? Because His hour had not yet come
According to John 12:42, what did many of the rulers think would happen if they said that they believed in Jesus? They should be put out of the synagogue
According to John 13:3, when Jesus washed his disciples' feet, where did he know he was going to go? to God
According to John 1:49, What position did Nathanael expect Jesus to fill? Be specific. "King of Israel!”
According to John 12:15 What does Zechariah 9:9 say the king is doing? Sitting on a donkey’s colt
According to John 20:7, where was the handkerchief lying that had been around Jesus head? folded together in a place by itself
According to John 10:3, how does the shepherd call his sheep from the sheepfold? "He calls his own sheep by name"
According to John 3:21, Jesus said people who do what come to the light? He who does the truth comes to the light.
According to John 19:25, there were 4 woman mentioned who were standing by the cross. Who was mentioned second? His mother’s sister
According to John 17:23, how did Jesus ask for all who believe in Him to be united? that they may be made perfect in one
According to John 12:32, what did Jesus say he would do if he is lifted up from the earth? will draw all peoples to Myself
According to John 18:10, Whose ear was cut by Peter while Jesus was being arrested? Malchus
According to John 2:25, Because Jesus knew what was in man, what did He NOT need? Had no need that anyone should testify of man.
According to John 7:37, On the last day of the feast of tabernacles, who did Jesus invite to come to him? Anyone who thirsts
According to John 19:19, what was written on the title Pilate wrote? THE KING OF THE JEWS.
According to John 9:23, what did the parents of man who had been blind say about their son because they were afraid of the Jews? Be Specific. “He is of age; ask him"
According to John 17:26, why did Jesus declare the Father's name? Be specific. that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”
According to John 21, How many disciples were fishing at the time Jesus revealed Himself to them for the third time? 7
According to John 7:1, where did Jesus want to avoid? Be specific. "He did not want to walk in Judea,"
According to John 14:24, how does a person act who does not love Jesus? Be specific. He who does not love Me does not keep My words;
According to John 1:41, What did Andrew tell his brother when he found him? Be specific. “We have found the Messiah”
According to John 21:15, what did Jesus ask peter after they had eaten breakfast? Be specific. “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these?”
According to John 15:9, Jesus says that he has loved us and invites us into His love just like who loved whom? Be specific. “As the Father loved Me"
According to John 19:25, there were 4 woman mentioned who were standing by the cross. Who was mentioned third? Mary the wife of Clopas
According to John 13:30, what did Judas do after receiving the piece of bread? he then went out immediately
According to John 20:13, what did the angels say to Mary? Be specific. “Woman, why are you weeping?”
According to John 9:22, the Jews had agreed to put out of the synagogue anyone who said what? confessed that He was Christ
According to John 10:40, when Jesus escaped out of the hands of the people who were trying again to seize Him, Jesus went beyond what river? The Jordan
According to John 2:4, Jesus said what to His mother about His time? Be specific. "My hour has not yet come.”
According to John 20:2, What is the name of one of the disciples Mary Magdalene ran to when she saw that the stone had been removed from the tomb's opening? She ran and came to Simon Peter
According to John 8:33, as Abraham's descendants, what did the Pharisees say they had never experienced? Bondage
According to John 14:6, Jesus that no one comes to the Father except through him. What are the 3 things did Jesus say he was? the way the truth the life
According to John 14:8, who asked Jesus to show them the Father? Philip said to Him, “Lord, show us the Father,
According to John 4:13, Who will thirst again? Be specific. “Whoever drinks of this water"
According to John 18:13, who did the officers of the Jews bring Jesus to first? Annas
According to John 7:40, Who did many people in the crowd say Jesus was when he said he would give living waters to those who would come to him? “Truly this is the Prophet.”
According to John 2:15, What did Jesus use to drive out the traders in the temple of Jerusalem? Whip of cords
According to John 17:19, why does Jesus sanctify Himself? that they also may be sanctified by the truth
According to John 9:41, what did Jesus tell the Pharisees was the result since they said that they could see? You say, ‘We see.’ Therefore your sin remains.
According to John 19:39, Nicodemus brought about a hundred pounds of what with him? a mixture of myrrh and aloes
According to John 21, How many fish had the disciples caught at the time they joined? 153
According to John 5:3, there were 3 types of sick people listed who were waiting on the porches at Bethesda for the moving of the water. What was the third type listed? Paralyzed
According to John 15:15, Jesus calls us friends instead of what? Servants ("No longer do I call you servants")
According to John 6:51, who is the living bread? Be specific. "I am the living bread which came down from heaven."
According to John 6:5, Jesus asked Philip where they should do what? “Where shall we buy bread"
According to John 18:13, who did the officers of the Jews bring Jesus to first? Annas
According to John 9:6, what did Jesus do before telling the blind man to wash in the pool of Siloam? He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay.
According to John 14:18, Jesus said he would come to us so that he would not leave us what? Orphans
According to John 3:21, Jesus said people who come to the light, does what? He who does the truth comes to the light.
According to John 13:1, how long did Jesus love his own? He loved them to the end.
According to John 21:1, where were the disciples fishing? The Sea of Tiberias
According to John 5:23, Who does does not honor the Father? Be Specific. "He who does not honor the Son"
According to John 7:18, what is the goal of people who speak from themselves? He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory;
According to John 11:13, when Jesus said that Lazarus was sleeping, what was he talking about? Jesus spoke of his death
According to John 13:34, what did Jesus command his disciples to do? love one another
According to John 3:32, Did the people believe Jesus, when He testified about what He had seen and heard? No one receive[d] His testimony.
According to John 18:17, Who was the first to accuse Peter of being one of the disciples of Jesus? Then the servant girl who kept the door.
According to John 8:53, the Jews ask Jesus if he was greater than who? Are You greater than our father Abraham, who is dead?
According to John 11:24, when did Martha say she knew Lazarus would rise again? in the resurrection at the last day
According to John 16:8, The Helper will convict the world of what 3 things? sin righteousness judgment
According to John 4:29, The woman told the men that she had met a man that had told her all the things she ever did. Then she asked if He could be whom? Be specific. "Could this be the Christ?”
According to John 15:16, what are Jesus disciples appointed to do? bear fruit
According to John 4:14, What would be the lasting effect of the water that Jesus can give to someone? Be specific. "But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”
According to John 20:21, what did Jesus say to His disciples again after He showed them His hands and His side? Be Specific. “Peace to you!"
According to John 5:39, why did Jesus say the Jews search the Scriptures? Be specific. "You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life"
According to John 4:42, The people realized that Jesus was Messiah, but also what else? "the Savior of the world.”
According to John 8:35, what does a son do? Be specific. "A son abides forever"
According to John 16:28, where did Jesus say he was going to go after having been in the world? Be Specific "I leave the world and go to the Father.”
According to John 8:46, Jesus asked the Pharisees two questions. What was the question about convicting? "Which of you convicts Me of sin?"
According to John 6:71, was Judas Iscariot considered one of the 12 disciples? Yes "Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot, who, though one of the Twelve, was later to betray him."
According to John 15:26, what will the Spirit of truth testify? He will testify of Me.
According to John 11:32, in relation to Jesus, where was Mary when she told him that Lazarus wouldn't have died if Jesus had been there. she fell down at His feet,
According to John 18, Where was Jesus before He was sent to Pontius Pilate? Then Annas sent Him bound to Caiaphas the high priest.
According to John 6:19, how far had the disciples rowed before they saw Jesus walking on the sea? About 3 or 4 miles.
According to John 10:4, what does the shepherd do when he brings out his own sheep? he goes before them;
According to John 16:20, how did Jesus say His disciples would feel in a little while after being unable to see Him? Be specific. "Your sorrow will be turned into joy"
According to John 12:38, what prophet asked, "who has believed our report?" that the word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled
According to John 6:71, who was the evil one among the 12 disciples? Judas Iscariot
According to John 19:15, who answered Pilate by saying that they had no king but Caesar? Be specific. The chief priests answered, “We have no king but Caesar!”
According to John 16:28, where did Jesus say he was going to go after having been in the world? Specific "I leave the world and go to the Father.”
According to John 11:49, who was the high priest that year? Caiaphas
According to John 4:34, what does Jesus about his food? Jesus said to them, "My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.
According to your team, how awesome are our PBE coaches? Extraordinarily Awesome!!!... Or some variation of the aforementioned.
Created by: nicolejames
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