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Germanic Tribes- OOE

lovejoys test

In what year do the Angles, Saxons,a nd Jutes take over southern England 449 A.D.
Angles and Jutes are from? denmark
Saxons are from? Germany
Germanic rule lasts for how long? 600 years (1066 A.D.D)
MAIN TRIBES DROVE CELTS AND ROMANS TO ? wales ireland and scotland
What old german dialect has vanished completely? east germanic
North Germanic dialect is spoken by who? swedidh, danish, and norwegian
west germanic is spoken by who? German, dutvch flemish,a nd english
By what year is old german changed to old english? 550 -600 A.D.
Nouns go before adjective ()father tall) yes
endings indicate number and case noun inflections
endings indicate number and tense verb inflections
what did warrior men fight for property and power
what did warrior men value? honor, loyalty,and bravery
what was life centered around and why ? battle skills and warfare; constant threat of invasion
what is the latin word for courteous? comitatus
what was the oath of comitatus? basic code of loyalty
___________ pledge service and protection to the death in exchange for shelter and treasures. retainers
lord gave reatiners ________ as sign of his pledge. rings
what is a precursor to medieval knight's code of chivalry? oath of comitatus.
king arthur was from where? celtic wales
what was the influence of the Christian church? learning of latin
in what year does st. agustine arrive in england ro convert pagans? 597 A.D.
Beowulf was probablywritten down by scribes in ? 725 A.d.
iN WHAT YEAR DOES vENRABLE bEDE PUBLISH Th ecclesiastical History of the English People in Latin 731 A.D.
Created by: chocoholic810