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Roman Occupation- OE

LJ"s test

what is Hibernia? ireland
what is Britannia? england; britain
what is scotia? scotland
In what year did Julius Caesar invade Gaul a.k.a France? 55 B.C.
Celts, Scots, and Picts who were not immediately subdued by Romans occupied____. southern part of England
Britons generally accomadate whose rule? Roman
leader whose celts defetaed an entire roman legion ? Queen Boudica
Celts left over from Boudica's rule fled to ? northern Scotland and west to Ireland
What emperor finally establishes law and order? Claudius
Romans established: commerse; town-based gov.; temples, roads;plazas; bridges; bath houses; aqueducts
claudius introduces what language into the vernacular? latin
"wille" comes from? "testari" comes from? Old German;Latin
How long was Hadrian's Wall? 62 miles
Hadrian's wall divided __________ from sCOTS AND pICTS TO DIVIDE rOME FROM BARBARIANS? upper England and Scotland
In what year does the Roman Empire fall to barbarians? 447 A.D
when do the dark ages begin? 447 A.D.
In what yera does rome start withdrawing from its empire? 400 A.D.
In what year do the Goths and other germanic tribes sack Rome(the city) and its territores throughout western europe. 436 A.D.
Created by: chocoholic810