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FOL-A Packet 4

Sentences in which to insert prepositions.

PrepositionsChoose the correct answer.
He might (have, of) changed his mind. have
Everyone except Pete and (I, me) have finished the assignment. me
Check (to, and) see if Sue is here. to
Remember, Bill asked us to keep this information between you and (I, me). me
The lab assistant, along with the lead instructor and (she, her), will be absent Friday. her
The stack of books was divided (among, between) the four students. among
Pat will come (in to, into) the store to work at 3 p.m. into
It seemed (as if, like) Tom was always in need of money. as if
Andrew and Elizabeth divided the reward money (among, between) themselves. between
Ron went (into, in to) see the boss. in to
Please get the key from Mrs. Davis or (she, her). her
I feel (as if, like) I could finish the project in two hours. as if
If (to, too) many people show up, we will have to get more chairs. too
Paul had filled in all the blanks (accept, except) two. except
Lana said she couldn't (accept, except) the money Dave offered. accept
Your suggestions______ (okay as is, insert "for") and interest in the Lincoln project are quite helpful. insert "for"
No one but Mr. Clark and (he, him) have the combination to the safe. him
You should (have, of) seen her face when I told her the news! have
Let's keep this information between you and (I, me). me
Lance's speech was (to, too) complicated for most people to follow. too
Created by: jstruss