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sewing one

beginning sewing questions

What direction should you turn the handwheel? towards you
Where on the sewing machine are the guidelines for stitching marked? needle stitch plate or throat plate
If the sewing machine is threaded improperly,what will happen to the stitching? loop on the bottom of the fabric
How often should lint be cleaned from the machine? Once a month.Once a month.
What can cause the needle to break? needle inserted wrong or sewing over pins
What is a safety rule for using a rotary cutter. Cover the blade when done.
What piece of equipment should always be used with a rotary cutter? a cutting mat
What piece of equipment picks out mistakes? a seam ripper
What is the name of the woven edge of the fabric? selvege
What is the distance of the needle to the edge of the pressure foot? 1/4 inch
What is the importance of the feed dogs? moves the fabric while stitching
What is the best tool for measuring short distances? seam gauge
What is the best tool for taking body measurements? measuring tape
What is used to hold fabric together for cutting? pins
Created by: anniejames