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Overview of Epistles

2 Thessalonians 51-52 But not that soon 1 Thes. worked so no one doubts Christ's return. However, they overacted. Balance in faith is needed.
1 Corinthians 55 Internal immaturity and External Hellenizing Threats Report from Chloe, various questions of marriage, food to idols, worship and resurrection. Division between churches and every factor should be removed in the grace of Holy Spirit.
2 Corinthians 56 Increasing Maturity but infiltrating Judaizing Threats Paul (co-authored by Timothy) is traveling toward Corinth for a third time from Ephesus and Macedonia. Church did not react as Paul hoped. (1) the collection for the Jerusalem Church (2) Judaizers' triumphalism. Christians must be mature and misguided triumphalism should be removed.
Romans 57 Righteousness by faithf for Jew and Gentile For churches Paul did not found. The expulsion of Jews from Rome under the emperor Claudius in A.D. 49 made church to be filled with gentiles. Salvation is given by faith, but our acting on precious truths is needed for Christians.
Ephesians 60-61 Unity in Diversity as as a witness to the "Powers" Danger of attempting to appropriate the Spirit's power magically without knowing the Lord. A balanced view of spiritual warfare is required
Galatians 48-49 (Before the Apostolic Council The Charter of Christian Liberty (Justification by faith) Group of Jews (Judaizers) have came to Galatia after Paul has planted churches there, promoting the belief that circumcision is needed as a sign of initiation into keeping the Mosaic Law is required for salvation. Justification is only by grace of Holy spirit.
1 Thessalonians 50-51 Christ is coming (1) working hard and minding one's own business. (2) Questions about eschatology Balance in faith is needed.
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