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Frindle game cards

Frindle Board Game

What was Mrs. Granger's punishment for saying the word "frindle"? Punishment: Anyone who used the word frindle had to stay after school and write, "I am writing this punishment with a pen" 100 times.
What is Mrs. Granger's favorite book? the dictionary
Who was Nick's fourth grade teacher? Mrs. Avery
What did Nick do that got Janet into trouble in Mrs. Avery's class? Nick made high, squeaky blackbird "peeps" because he thought Mrs. Avery's nose looked like a bird's beak.
What did Mrs. Granger send to Nick ten years later? a brand new dictionary, a little note taped to the dictionary, and the fat white envelope she had him sign.
Why did Mrs. Chatham visit Mr. and Mrs. Allen at home? Mrs. Chatham wanted to let Nick's parents know about his new word frindle and his lack of respect for authority. She thought that there was a rebellion at school because of the new word.
Who was Nick's third grade teacher? Miss Deaver
What three things happened that caused the word "frindle" to start? 1. Janet found a gold pen. 2. Nick understood what Mrs. Granger said about words. 3. When Nick bumped into Janet, she dropped her pen, Nick picked it up and said, "Here is your frindle."
What was Nick's plan to have others use the word frindle instead of pen? Nick's friends went to Penny Pantry to ask for a frindle. By the time Janet, the fifth kid, went to the store the lady reached right for the pens without hesitating. Nick had his friends sign an oath that they would always say frindle instead of pen.
Why was Mrs. Granger upset with Nick, John, and the frindle scene when they first introduced the word frindle to the rest ot the class? Mrs. Granger was upset because Nick and John disrupted her class in order to present their new idea about the word frindle to mean a pen.
Why didn't Mrs. Allen agree with Mrs. Chatham and Mrs. Granger about Nick using the word frindle and encouraging other to do the same? Mrs. Allen thought there wasn't any real harm in the children making up a funny word and saying it. She thought "the real issue is Mrs. Granger's reaction to a harmless little experiment with language"
What did Mrs. Allen tell Nick about disrespecting Mrs. Granger or any other teacher? Nick would be in really big trouble.
What was in the fat white envelope that Mrs. Granger sent to Nick? Mrs. Granger wrote Nick a letter explaining why she appeared to be against the word frindle and why she really supported him.
What did Nick send to Mrs. Granger ten years later? Nick sent Mrs. Granger a beautiful fountain pen.
Whose room did Nick turn into a tropical island beach? Miss Deaver's third grade classroom
Why was the fifth grade class picture ruined? all of the kids held up a pen and said the word frindle at the same time the picture was taken so their lips were puckered.
What did Judy Morgan do after she visited the school that got the whole town "hopping"? Judy wrote an article in the Westfield Gazette about Nick and his new word frindle and his war against Mrs. Granger and the other teachers over freedom of speech.
What happened at the other schools after the article was published? The junior high and high school students atrated using the word frindle too.
Why did Bud Lawrence want to talk to Mr. Allen? Bud needed to get Mr. Allen to sign a contract to get permission to use the word frindle and apply for a trademark because he is Nick's dad.
How much money did Nick earn from the sale of "frindles" for the first three weeks? $2,250
What did Mr. Allen do with the money? Mr. Allen set up a trust fund for Nick at the bank so he would have money saved for college.
Why didn't Mr. Allen want Nick to know about the contract? Mr. Allen was afraid Nick wouldn't mow lawns anymore or save money if he knew he was making money from inventing the word frindle.
What was written on the new sign posted on Route 302? Welcome to Westfield Home of the Original Frindle
What is a frindle? a pen. Nick invents a new word for pen after doing a research project on the origin of words.
Why did Mrs. Granger tell Nick to turn to page 541 in the new dictionary she sent him? On this page, between friml and fringe, was Nick's word.
What color was Mrs. Granger's favorite pen? maroon. She gives the pen to Nick as a present of congratulations.
What types of things did Bud have made to sell using the word frindle? T-shirts, pens, posters and hats were some of the items sold.
What did Nick do with the money when he found out about his trust fund? He gave some money to his parents to go on a cruise and to his brother who bought a new car.
Created by: ldorso



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