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TACEO(LATIN VERB) to be silent
TACITURN silent;reticient;reserved;secretive;indicates the permanent, habitual, & temperamental disinclination to talk
TACIT unspoken, unsaid, not verbalized
RETICIENT who prefers to keep silent
LOQUOR(LATIN) to speak
LOQUACIOUS one who loves to talk
SOLILOQUY(SOLUS = alone) speech when alone
VENTRILOQUIST(VENTER/VENTRIS = belly) one who speaks from belly; can throw his voice; listener thinks sound is coming from some source other than person speaking
COLLOQUIAL(CON- = with/ together) speak together; suitable for informal conversation
CIRCUMLOCATION(CIRCUM- = around) talking around
CIRCUMLOCATORY any way of expressing an idea that is round about or indrect
LACONIC pithy; concise; economic in use of words; almost to the point of curtness; saying little meaning much
COGO(LATIN VERB) to drive together; compel force
COGENT cogent argument compels acceptance bcoz. of its logic, persuasiveness, and appeal to one's sense of reason
ELOQUENT(LIQUOR+E- = out) one who speaks out, is vividly expressive, fluent, forceful or persuasive in language
MAGNILOQUENT(MAGNU = large) uses high flown, grandiose, even pompous language; large and impressive words; flowery or overlegant phraseology; talking big
GRANDILOQUENT(GRANDIS = large) same as magniloquent
VERBOSE(VERBOM = word) you smoother ur ideas with excess words
VOLUBLE(VOLBO/ VOLUTIS = to roll) speak rapidly,fluently;
GARRULOUS(GARRIO = to chatter) talk constantly,and usually aimlessly and meaninglessly
MAGNATE(MAGNUS = large) a person of great power or influence
MAGNUM a lrage bottle, generally twice as big as the standard bottle
MAGNUM OPUS(OPUS = work) a big work; the greatest work; masterpiece
OPERA (from plural of opus) many musical works
VERBATIM(VERBUM = word) word- for- word( ' a verbatim report')
VERBIAGE an excess of words('such verbiage') ; style or manner of using words('medical verbiage')
VENTRAL(VENTER/ VENTRIS = belly) refering to belly; front;
VENTRICLE a hollow organ or cavity, or, logically enough belly, as one of the two chambers of heart
VENTRICULAR having a belly like bulge
AURICLE(AURIS = ear) ear shaped; recieves blood from viens and sends to ventricle
AVUNCULUS(LATIN) uncle on the mother's side
DORSAL(DORSUM = back) SIDE a back side
ENDORSE back it; approve or support
SOMNIFEROUS(FERO + SOMNUS = sleep) carrying, bearing or bringing sleep
INSOMNIA inability to fall asleep
SOMNOLENT sleepy or drowsy
SOMNAMBULISM(AMBULO = to walk) walking in one's sleep
AMBULATORY PATIENT finally well enough to walk around
PERAMBULATOR( PER = through) baby carriage; often shortened to PRAM
PERAMBULATE to walk through; to stroll around
AMBLE to walk aimlessly
PREAMBLE something that walks before; hence an introduction or introductory statement
SPORIFIC( SOPAR = sleep) sleeping pill
INARTICULATE( IN + ARTICULUS = a joint) one who has trouble joining words together
MARTINENT a strict, inhuman disciplinarian
SYCOPHANT( SYKON = fig + PHANIEN = to show) (fig- shower) cultivates friends that can do him good financially
DIAPHANOUS( DIA = through + PHANIEN) a material which is so delicate or fine in texture that anything behind it will show through
DILETTANTE( DILETTARE = delight) engages in painting, writing, etc. purely for amusement
TYRO inexperienced beginner in some art
VIRTUOSO who has developed consummate skill in an artistic field, generally allied to music
LIBRETTO the story or book of an opera
CONCERTO a form of musical composition
VIRAGO ( VIR = man) a shrewish, loud-mouthed female; masculine in personality
TERMAGANT/ HARRIDAN same uncomplimentary meaning as virago
CHAUVINIST exagerated and balatant patriot
PATRIMONY an inheritance from one's father
JUNO MONETA( gives the word money, - mony) roman goddess guarded the temples of finance
PATRONYMIC( ONYMA = name) a name formed on father's name
SYNONYMN( syn + onyma) with, together + name
ANTONYM( ANTI + ONYMA) against + name
HOMONYM( HOMO=same + ONYMA ) a word that sounds like another but has different meaning
HOMOPHONE more accurate word for homonym
PATERNITY fatherhood
PATRIARCH( PATER/ PATRIS + ARCHEIN = to rule) an old man in a ruling, fatherlike position
PATRICIDE( CAEDO = to kill) the killing of one's father
MATRIARCH( ARCHEIN = to rule) mother ruler
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