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EPITOME (EPI- =on,upon + cut) a condensation of the whole
PHILOLOGY the love of words
PHILANDER to play around sexually, be promoscious, or have extramarital relations
PHILOSOPHY love for wisdom
PHILADELPHIA city of brotherly love
PHILHARMONIC love of music or harmony
PHILTRE love potion; aphrodisiac
APHRODISIAC whatever arouses sexual desire
APHRODITE greek goddess of love and beauty
BIBLIOPHILE who loves books as collectibles
ANGLOPHILE(ANGLUS+PHILIEN) admies and is fond of british people(English + love)
SEMANTICIST determines the psychological cause and effect of what peole say n write
COMPANION(COM + PANIS) (with + bread)
SOCIOLOGY(SOCIUS + LOGY) (companion + science or study)
NOTORIOUS widely but unfavourably known
NOTED favourably known
CONSUMMATE finished; perfect; artistic
CORRIGO to correct or set straight
INCORRIGIBLE beyond reform
INVETERATE from long standing habit
VETERAN skilful
CONGENITAL from birth
CHRONIC again & again
ANACHRONISM someone or something beyond time
INCONGRUOUS(IN- + CON- + GRUOUS) (negative + with + agree) something out of place
PATHOS feeling
SYMPATHY feeling or suffering with someone
ANTIPATHY feelng against someone
APATHY no feeling at all
EMPATHY experience others' feelings as if you were them
PATHETIC that arouses feeling
UNCONSCIONABLE having no conscience
CONSCIENCE scio- to know^ con- with^ ; knowledge wih a moral sense of right or wrong
CONSCIOUS awareness of one's emotions or sensations
OMNISCIENT all knowing
PRESCIENT knowing about events before they occur
NESCIENT knowing or ignorant
GLIB slippery; glib liars have fluent tongues but they can fool only the most nescient
EGREGIOUS stands out from the herd or flock of other bad things
GREX/GREGIS(LATIN) herd or flock
GREGARIOUS who likes to be with herd; enjoys comanionship
CONGREGATE gather together
SEGREGATE act of putting apart
AGREGATE act of bringing individal items to or towards the herd or flock
PAR(LATIN) equal
PARITY equality
DISPARAGE lower someone's par or feeling of equality
DISPARATE essential or complete difference
PAIR equal or similiar
PEERS your peers are those equal to you as in age, positon
EQUIVOCATE(equal + VOX,VOCIS = voice) purposely talk in such a way as to be vague and misleading
INEQUITY injustice, unfairness
INIQUITY wickedness, sinfulness
EQUINOX(equal + NOX,NOCTIS = night) when day and night are of equal length; equal night
NOCTURNAL that are active or flourish at night
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