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Stack #37523

WPME - 3

CHIROGRAPHY expert in writing by hand
-mancy foretelling; prediction
CHIROMANCY who tells future seeing hands
PODIATRIST another name for chiropodist
CALLIGRAPHY beautiful writing
KAKOS(GREEK) bad; harsh
CACOGRAPHY bad, scrawly or illegible handwriting
GERON(GREEK) old man
SENILE showng signs of physical and/or mental deioration that generally marks old age
SENESCENT aging; growing old
ADOLOSCENT growing into an adult
CONVALESCENT growing healthy again
OBSOLESCENT growing or becoming obsolete
SENATE originally a council of older, and persumably wiser citizens
PYGE buttocks
CALLIPYGIAN having beautiful buttocks
PROPHECY prediction
PROPHESY predict
NOMOS(GREEK) arrangement, law or order
ASTRONOMER one who is interested in arrangement of stars
ASTROLOGY study of influence of stars and planets on human events
ASTRONAUT sailor among stars
KASMOS(GREEK) universe
COSMONAUT sailor among universe
NAUTICAL relating to sailors, sailing, ships or navigation
NAUS(GREEK) nautes is derived from naus meaning ship
NAUSEA sea sickness
ASTER star shaped flower
ASTERISK star shaped symbol
DISASTER against stars
AUTONOMY(AUTOS+NOMOS) self law; self government
METRONOME instrument that beginners at the piano use to guide their timings
GEOLOGY earth + study
GEOMETRY(GEO + METRON) branch of mathematics dealing wih measurement and proerties of solid and plane figures
GEORGE earth worker or farmer
BIOPSY(BIO +OPSIS) (life + view) a medical examination, generally through a microscope of living tissue, frequently performed when cancer is suspected
AUTOPSY(AUTO + OPSIS) seeing for oneself; (what was the cause of death?)
ZODIAC diagram used in astrology
ENTOMOLOGY( en- + TOME + LOGY) (in + cutting + study) branch of zoology dealing with insects
INSECTS( in + SECTUS) sectus means to cut
TOUNSILLECTOMY cutting out of tonsil
APPENDECTOMY cutting out of appendix
MASTECTOMY cutting out of breast
HYSTERECTOMY cutting out of uterus
PROSTATECTOMY cutting out of prostate
ECCENTRIC out of centre; deviating from normal in behaviour
ATOM not to be cut
ana- (GREEK) one of several meanings is UP
ANATOMY cutting up of plant or animal to determine it's structure
DISCHOTOMY ( in two + cut) technical word for splitting in two
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