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OCULIST earlier title for opthalmologist
OCULAR adjective refering to eye
MONOCLE a lens for one eye
BINOCULARS fiel glasses that inc the range of 2 eyes
OPTOMETRIST they measue vision; test glaucoma and prescribe and fit glasses
OTICIAN do not examine patients
OPSIS/OPTIKOS(GREEK) sight or vision
METRON measurement
INCESSANT constant; without pause; without ending
REACTIONARY one who favours reaction or seeks to undo political progress or revolution
DECOROUS satisfying the demands of polite society
JUGGERNAUT an overwhelming force or movement that overcomes all resistance
FORESTALL to take before hand; to anticipate; to hinder or prevent by measures taken in advance
ORHOS(GREEK) straight or correct
ORTHODONTICS straightening of tooth
CARDIOGRAM electrically produced record of heartbeat
CARDIOGRAPH instrument to produce cardiogram
NEURALGIA acute pain along nerves
NEURITIS inflammation of nerves
-osis abnormal or diseased condition
NEUROSIS an illness characterised by excessive use of energy for unproductive purpose
PSYCHE(GREEK) spirit, soul or mind
PSYCHOTIC people having their own form of reality
GERAS(GREEK) old age
GERIATRICS dealing with particular medical needs of the elderly
OSTEOPATH one who cures diseases without drugs
CHIROPRACTOR maintains structural and functonal integrity of nervous system(heal with hands)
CHIROPODIST treats minor foot ailments
GRAPHOLOGIST analyses handwriting to determine character, personality, or aptitudes
GERONTOLOGIST deals with economic, sexual, social, retirement and other problems of elderly
ABASH to make ashamed; to embarass
ABATE to subside; to reduce
ABDICATE to step down from a position of power or responsibility
ABERATION something not typical; a deviation from the standard
ABHOR to hate very very much; to detest
ABJECT hopeless extremely sad and servile
ABNEGATE to deny oneself things; to reject; to renounce
ABORTIVE unsuccessful
ABRIDGE to shorten; to condense
ABSOLUTE total; unlimited; absolute
ABSOLVE to forgive or free from blame; to free from sin; to free from obligation
PATHOS(GREEK) suffering or disease
PSYCHOPATHIC an adjective that describes someone suffering from a severe mental, emotional disorder
SOMA body
PSYCHOSOMATIC an adj. that delineates the powerful influence that mind has on body
PSYCHOGENIC of psychic origin
PERI- (GREEK) around, surroundig
PERIODONTIST a gum specialist
ENDOM(GREEK) inner or within
ENDODONTIST work on pulp of tooth or root canal therapy
SPHYGMOMANOMETER device for measuring blood pressure
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