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screenplay the script from which a film is produced
suspense the quality in a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you curious about the outcome; anxious curiosity
teleplay script for a television drama
foreshadowing hints about what is going to happen
setting the time and place of a screenplay’s action
flashback a technique writers use to present events that happened at an earlier time
theme general observation about life
drama form of literature in which a story is told through the words and actions of characters
play a piece of literature that is meant to be performed
tragedies serious plays
comedies happily ending plays
script the written form of a play
scenes the small sections that most plays are divided into; happens when the time or place changes
acts several scenes are put together to make up this in a long play
dialogue conversations between characters in a play
stage directions instructions to the director and to the actors
sound effects sounds that are to be heard as part of the play
fade in, fade, fade out words that mean the voices, music, or sounds get louder or softer
hard cut to shift abruptly to (a different scene)
freeze frame; hold remain focused on one image for a few seconds
pan camera swings slowly from one side of the set to the other
angle on position the camera on
zoom move in quickly for a close view or away for a distant view
exposition the playwright introduces us to the characters and their environment
conflict struggle between opposing forces
resolution major problems are more or less resolved
complication problems that arise as characters struggle with their conflicts
narration voice that comments over the action
voice-over voice of a character who is off camera or on camera but not shown to be speaking
beat pause
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