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Count - Ch 16 - 20

The Count - Chapter 16 - 20

Who is the innkeeper that Dantes visits? (ch. 16) Caderousse
Who is Dantes disguised as when he visit the innkeeper? (ch. 16) A priest
Who does the "priest" tell Caderousse gave him the diamond? (ch. 16) Dantes
Dantes (disguised as a priest) receives a confirmation from Caderousse that this person is dead. (ch. 16) Louis Dantes
Dantes finds out that this person died from gastric enteritis? (ch. 16) Louis Dantes
While Dantes and Caderousse are talking who shows up? (ch. 16) Madame Caderousse
What is Caderousse's first name? (ch. 16) Gaspard
Who, according to Caderousse, came to visit Louis Dantes often? (ch. 16) Mercedes and Morrel
Who are the two men that were jealous of Dantes? (ch. 16) Fernand and Danglars
Who was jealous of Dantes because of love? (ch. 16) Fernand
Who was jealous of Dantes because of ambition? (ch. 16) Danglars
Who admits to being present while Fernand and Danglars were plotting against Dantes? (ch. 16) Caderousse
Who does Caderousse call an "honest, courageous and loyal man?" (ch. 16) Morrel
Who paid for Louis Dantes' funeral? (ch. 16) Morrel
Who left Marseilles to go and work for a Spanish banker? (ch. 16) Danglars
Who has a mansion, ten horses, millions of dollars and has become a Baron? (ch. 16) Danglars
Who went into the military? (ch. 16) Fernand
Who married Fernand? (ch. 16) Mercedes
Who is Mercedes' son? (ch. 16) Albert
What name does Dantes use when he visits Caderousse? (ch. 16) Abbe Busoni
What is Fernand now referred to as? (ch. 16) Count de Morcerf
Who is Dantes disguised as in chapter 17? The head clerk of Thomson and French.
Who is the inspector of prisons? (ch. 17) Monsieur de Boville
Who's company is about to go bankrupt? (ch. 16/17) Morrel
Who buys the investment into Morrel's company? (ch. 17) Dantes
Whose death does Dantes inquire about? (ch. 17) Abbe Faria
Who initially has two hundred thousand francs invested in M. Morrel's firm? (ch. 17) Boville
Who is in love with Morrel's daughter? (ch. 18) Emmanuel Herbaut
Who is Morrel's cashier for the past twenty years? (ch. 18) Cocles
What ship is lost? (ch. 18) The Pharaon
Who is Morrel's daughter? (ch. 18) Julie
Who gives Morrel three months to make his payment? (ch. 18) Dantes
Who does Dantes say that Julie will receive a letter from? (ch. 18) Sinbad the Sailor
Who does Morrel ask for help in repaying his debts? (ch. 19) Danglars
Who is Morrel's son? (ch. 19) Maximilien
Whose key does Morrel ask for? (ch. 19) Julie
Who intends to shoot themself? (ch. 19) Morrel
Who is Albert de Morcerf? (ch. 20) Son of Mercedes and Fernand
Who cannot rent a carriage for carnival? (ch. 20) Franz and Albert
Who offers Franz and Albert a seat in his carriage? (ch. 20) The Count of Monte Cristo
Who is Dantes disguised as in chapter 20? The Count of Monte Cristo
Who is the hotel-keeoer? (ch. 20 Signor Pastrini
Who are the two men being executed at the carnival? (ch. 20) Andrea and Peppino
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