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Catholic Councils

repudiated Nestorianism and Pelgianism proclaimed Mary as Mother of God reaffirmed Nicene Creed, 431 AD Council of Ephesus
disposed Dioscorus of Aexandria last council recognized by Anglican Communion established nature of Christ as both human and divine, 451 AD Council of Chalcedon
787 AD repudiated iconoclasm restored veneration of icons 2nd Council of Nicaea
condemned simony set minimum age of 30 for cardinals restricted papal election to cardinals, 1179 AD 3rd Council of the Lateran
addressed papal primacy and clerical discipline 1215 AD defined transubstantiation 4th Council of the Lateran
1311-12 AD disbanded the Knights Templar Council of Vienne
conclave procedures established attempted reunion with Orthodoxy approved Dominican and Franciscan Orders, 1274 AD 2nd Council of Lyon
1409 AD attempted to resolve Great Schism Council of Pisa
began conciliarism condemned Jan Hus attempted to resolve Great Western Schism, 1414-8 AD Council of Constance
strengthened clerical discipline and education defined role and canon of Scripture and Seven Sacraments repudiated Protestantism, 1545-63 AD Council of Trent
relationship of faith and reason repudiated rationalism and addressed revelation defined papal infallibility, 1870 1st Council of the Vatican
addressed pastoral discipline issues as related to the Church 1962 AD liturgy and ecumenicism redefined, vernacular allowed 2nd Council of the Vatican
recognized primacy of the sees of Rome repudiated Arianism and set Easter date established the Creed, 325 AD Council of Nicaea
381 AD repudiated Arianism and Macedonianism revised Nicene Creed in regard to the Holy Spirit First Council of Constantinople
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