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Jin Gui Yao Lue

Pulse, Conformation & Tx of artralgia due to stag of Blood & weakness Fatigue

occure in nonactive indiv w/ voluptuous body & weak bone. when fatigue, they sweat & turn freq during sleep thus expose skin to sli draft. if pulse feeble & hesitant on cun, thin & tense on guan. Acup can adopted to stimulate Yang. when tense p gone recov What is cuz of arthalgia due to stagnation of blood?
Patient who is suffer from arthralgia due to stag blood w/ feeble Pulse both Supf & deep on cun & guan, sli tense P on chi & extr symp include local numb & other manifest of arthalgia like wind Bi Syn Huang Qi Gui Zhi wu Wu Tang (Astragalus Cinnamon Five Herb Comb)
Pale complex in men portend thrist & loss of blood. Paroxymal asthma & palpitation together w/ a floating pulse portend intn weakness.
male suffer from freq seminal em will have abdm contract, cold over penis, dizzy, loss hair. P extre Def, hollow & slow P. indicate diarrh w/ undiges food, loss Blood, spermato. Hollwo move or feeble tense P indic seminal emi for male / dream sex for fema Gui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang
A man who appear normal but has def, weak, thready & feeble Pulse. will have night sweats readily.
Created by: djraspberry