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Jin Gui Yao Lue

Chapter V the Pulse conformation and treatment of Chung Feng & Li Chieh

Symptoms Formulas
Treat severe wind disease cuz anoyying heavy in arms & legs & mild chillphobia in HT as in Def case Hou Shi He San (Black Powder, Chrysanthemum & Siler(Fang Feng)
slow & Moder P on cun, chill, india by slow charac, weak indic by moder charac. Modr P in Ying indic loss Bl. Modr P in Wei indic dz cuz by wind(wstrok,apoplexy). PTF invade meri: pruritis & urticaria skin. if Ht weak PTF penet Intr cuz Chest Dist, SOB Feng Yin Tang (Rhubarb & Dragon Bone Com), curative for apoplexy w/ epilepsy & spasm of heat nature
Formalas that can eliminate paralysis & Convulsion cuz by Fever, also tx paralysis cuz by evil wind in adult or convulsion, apasm & falccidity in children, seizure occur several time each day & can't cured by common physician Feng Yin Tang (Rhubarb & Dragon Bone Com)
For manic, irritional behavior: incessant monologues -in people w/o chill or fever who have floating pulse Fang Ji Di Huang Tang (Stephania & Rehmannia Com)
circula-rubbing Therapy for Head-Wind Tou Feng Mo San (Aconite and Salt Formula)
a lesser Yin Pulse that is floating & weak portend blood def, indicate by weakness and wind evil as indicate by floating. When def blood is attacked by the wind? There will be referred pain
The pulse of patient with plump physic is hesitant & thin, other symptoms & sign include SOB, spon persp & acute arthritis preventing patient from moving extremities cuz by? exposure to wind when patient is sweating after drinking wine
Formulas is a curative for acute arthritis with following wymptom & sign: Artralgia all joints of extremities, thin & weak physicc, severe swelling of feet (as if they falling off the legs), vertigo & SOB, restlessness & nausea Gui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang (Ramulus, Cinnamon, Rx Paeoniae, Rz Anemarrhanae)
Created by: djraspberry