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British PMs

signed Treaty of Seville, fought War of Jenkins' Ear, dealt with South Sea Bubble, introduced "sinking fund", Whig Sir Robert Walpole (1721-1742)
increased spirits tax, gov't led by John Carteret, Whig Earl of Wilmington (1742-1743)
reorganized Royal Navy, dealt with Jacobite Rebellion, adopted Gregorian Calendar, Marriage Act of 1753, ended Austrian sucession, Whig Henry Pelham (1743-1754)
began Seven Years' War, second term saw Broad Bottom Government, Whig Duke of Newcastle (1754-6, 1757-62)
Caretaker Ministry led by Pitt the Elder, Whig Duke of Devonshire (1756-7)
first Scotsman to be PM, signed Treaty of Paris but resigned after concessions he made to French, first Tory PM Earl of Bute (1762-3)
lower taxes on Britain, higher on colonies, Stamp Act, Whig George Grenville (1763-5)
repealed Stamp Act, Declaratory Act of 1766, acknowledged Treaty of Paris during second term, Whig Marquess of Rockingham (1765-6, 1782)
defeated France in Canada, "real Imperialist", widely acknowledged as the Birth of the British Empire, Whig Pitt the Elder (1766-8)
dealt with Corsican Crisis, Junius Attacks, Whig Duke of Grafton (1768-70)
dealt with Gordon Riots, Irish reform, Falklands crisis, American Revolution, Tory Lord North (1770-82)
made peace with US, France, and Spain; Whig Earl of Sherburne (1782-3)
headed the Fox-North coalition, saw his reform of the British East India Company blocked by George III; Whig Duke of Portland (1783 Apr-Dec, 1807-9)
youngest PM, India Act of 1784, reduced the debt, adopted income tax, made Triple Alliance, Constitutional Act of 1791, Act of Union 1800, second term formed Third Coalition, Battles of Trafalgar, Ulm, Austerliz; Tory Pitt the Younger (1783-1801)
signed 1802 Treaty of Amiens; Tory Henry Addington (1801-4)
abolished slave trade, Whig The Lord Grenville (1806-7)
fought Peninsular War, assassinated by John Bellingham, Tory Spencer Perceval (1809-12)
won Napoleonic Wars, Congress of Vienna, 1817 recession, adopted gold standard in 1819, Luddite Movement, Peterloo Massacre, dealt with Cato St. Conspiracy in 1820; Tory Lord Liverpool (1812-27)
worthless, he stroked and died in 1827; Tory George Canning (1827 Apr-Aug)
absolutely sucked Viscount Goderich (1827-8)
fought a duel over the Catholic Emancipation Bill; Tory Duke of Wellington (1828-30, 1834 Nov-Dec)
Reform Act of 1832, reformed Poor Laws, Swing Riots, abolished empire slavery; Whig Earl Grey (1830-4)
resigned with no coalition, second term saw Mines Act of 1842, Factory Act of 1844, Railway Regulation Act of 1844, repeal of Corn Laws, Maynooth Grant; Conservative Sir Robert Peel (1834-5, 1841-6)
Municipal Corporations Act of 1835, Bedchamber Crisis, Treaty of Waitangi; Whig Viscount Melbourne (1835-1841)
Education Act of 1847, Chartists, Don Pacifico affair, Poor Laws reformed, Australian Colonies Gov't Act, Great Exhibition; Whig Lord John Russell (1846-52)
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