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Ch.10 vocabulary

6th grade, history, chapter 10

A river in Italy: Tiber River
An arm of land surrounded by the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian, and Adriatic Seas; location of the country of Italy: Italian Peninsula
A large body of water bordered by Europe, Asia, and Africa: Mediterranean Sea
A city near the middle of the western coast of Italy: Rome
Etrusan leader and the last king of ancient Rome: Tarquin
Ancient Rome leader who, with his supporters, forced the Etruscans out of Rome: Junius Brutus
An important Phoenician traing post in North Africa: Carthage
Ancient Roman general who was defeated and captured in a war between Rome and Carthage: Regulus
Carthaginian general who launched an invasion on the Romans from Spain by crossing the Alps: Hannibal
Ancient Roman general who attacked Carthage and forced Hannibal to retreat from Rome: Scipio
Ancient Roman general whose murder led to the end of the Roman Republic: Julius Caesar
a wealthy, powerful citizen of Rome: patrician
a common citizen of ancient Rome: plebeian
a form of government in which citizens hae the right to choose their leaders: republic
a person elected to represent the people: representative
a governing body in which ancient Roman representatives served: Senate
in ancient Rome, one of two officials who managed the government and the army: consul
a person who has total control over the people: dictator
in ancient Rome, men who were appointed to protect the rights of plebeians: tribune
a sense of pride in one's country: patriotism
an ancient Roman emperor: caesar
a famous ancient Roman road: Appian Way
three wars fought between Carthage and Rome, starting in 264 B.C.: The Punic Wars
a famous Roman arena: Colosseum
Ancient Roman emperor whose rule began a long period of prosperity and peace called the Pax Romana, or "the Roman Peace" for the Roman Empire: Augustus
cruel ancient Roman emperor who was assassinated by members of his bodyguard: Caligula
Ancient Roman emperor after Caligula who tried to improve conditions in the Empire: Claudius
Ancient Roman emperor upon whose death civil war broke out: Nero
Ancient Roman philosopher, general, and emperor who was perhaps the greatest of Rome's "Five Good Emperors.": Marcus Aurelius
a Roman writer who often wrote about the battles at the Colosseum: Seneca
the ruler of an empire: emperor
in ancient Rome, a professional fighter: gladiator
"Roman Peace," a time when ancient Rome was prosperous and peaceful: Pax Romana
a Roman province on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea: Palestine
a city in ancient Palestine and the home of Jesus: Nazareth
A young Jewish man who taught in Palestine and founded Christianity: Jesus
died A.D. 67; disciple of Jesus who helped spread his teachings throughout the Roman Empire: Peter
died A.D. 68; disciple of Jesus who helped spread his teachings throughout the Roman Empire: Paul
Christian emperor who made Christianity equal to all other religions in Rome and reunited the Roman Empire after Diocletian had divided it into two parts: Constantine
Ancient Roman emperor who made Christianity Rome's official religion in 380: Theodosius
an underground room used as a burial site: catacomb
a Jewish place of worship: synagogue
one of a small group of people who followed Jesus: disciple
to punish: persecute
the monotheistic religion based on the life, teachings, and death of Jesus: Christianity
the part of the Christian Bible that contains the Gospels: New Testament
in Christianity, the four books of the Bible known as the New Testament: Gospels
one of twelve disciples chosen by Jesus to help him preach and spread the Word of God: Apostle
the savior,Jesus, God in human form: Messiah
an old Greek city, renamed Constantinople, that became the center of the Byzantine Empire; present-day Istanbul: Byzantium
the capital of the Byzantine Empire: Constantinople
Ancient Roman emperor who succeeded his father, Marcus Aurelius, and began the decline of the Roman Empire: Commodus
Ancient Roman emperor who restored order and strenghtened the economy of the Roman Empire, dividing it into two parts: Diocletian
Last emperor of the Western Roman Empire in A.D. 476 at age 12 and reigned for only eleven months: Romulus Augustulus
to sell something to the highest bidder: auction
the leader of the Roman Catholic Church: pope
to rob: pillage
a person who destroys property: vandal
an empire of lands formerly part of the Roman Empire with its center at the ciy of Constantinople: Byzantine Empire
the early Christian church in the Eastern Roman Empire of which the emperor was head: Byzantine Orthodox Church
the early Christian church in the Western Roman Empire of which the Pope was head: Roman Catholic Church
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