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More Characters


Janie Mae Crawford Their Eyes Were Watching God
Tea Cake Their Eyes Were Watching God
Jody Starks Their Eyes Were Watching God
Nanny Crawford Their Eyes Were Watching God
Logan Killicks Their Eyes Were Watching God
Hazel Watership Down (leader of the rabbits)
Fiver Watership Down (Hazel's Brother)
Bigwig Watership Down
General Woundwort Watership Down
Blackberry Watership Down (Smartest of the rabbits)
George Willard Winesburg, Ohio
Wing Biddlebaum Winesburg, Ohio
Doctor Reefy Winesburg, Ohio
Doctor Parcival Winesburg, Ohio
Julian West Looking Backward (narrator)
Doctor Leete Looking Backward
Leete family Looking Backward
Edith Bartlett Looking Backward
Doctor Pillsbury Looking Backward
Yank The Hairy Ape (antagonist)
Mildred Douglas The Hairy Ape
Paddy The Hairy Ape
Long The Hairy Ape
Perry Edward Smith In Cold Blood (One of the two killers)
Richard Eugene Hickock (Dick) In Cold Blood (Other killer)
Clutter Family In Cold Blood (victims)
Bobby Rupp In Cold Blood (Clutter daughter's boyfriend)
Alvin Dewey In Cold Blood (investigator)
Harold Nye In Cold Blood (Dewey's assistant)
Ivan Petrovich Uncle Vanya (hero of play)
Yelena Andreevna Uncle Vanya
Mikhail Lvovich Astrov Uncle Vanya
Jim Lord Jim (also known as **TUAN JIM**)
Marlow Lord Jim (narrator and ship's captain)
Jewel Lord Jim
Stein Lord Jim (collects butterflies)
Gentleman Brown Lord Jim (white pirate)
Crew of the Patna Lord Jim (Patna is the ship)
Carrie Meeber Sister Carrie (protagonist)
Charlie Drouet Sister Carrie
George Hurstwood Sister Carrie
Hurstwood family Sister Carrie
Fitzgerald and Moy Sister Carrie (join owners of a popular saloon in Chicago)
Mrs. Vance Sister Carrie
The Little Prince The Little Price (one of two protagonists)
The Narrator The Little Prince (lonely pilot who befriends the little prince)
The Rose The Little Prince
The Fox The Little Prince
The Baobabs The Little Prince (harmless trees)
The Vain Man The Little Prince
The Drunkard The Little Prince
Farah Out of Africa (servant of narrator)
Kamante Out of Africa (another servant)
Denys Finch-Hatton Out of Africa
Berkeley Cole Out of Africa
Old Knudsen Out of Africa (old danish dude)
Emmanuelson Out of Africa (local swede)
Mr. Bambridge Middlemarch
Dorothea Brooke Middlemarch
Arthur Brooke Middlemarch
Nicholas Bulstrode Middlemarch
Elinor Cadwallader Middlemarch
Mr. Dagley Middlemarch
Silas Marner Silas Marner (kindhearted WEAVER)
Godfrey Cass Silas Marner
Eppie Silas Marner
Cass family Silas Marner
Dolly Winthrop Silas Marner
William Dane Silas Marner
Created by: hookemhorns10