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Characters and Places

The three island kingdom that Odysseus calls home. Ithaca
The city where the story begins. Troy
The first islanders that Odysseus and his men meet. They eat a fruit that causes them to lose their memories. Lotus Eaters
A giant one-eyed monster. Cyclops
The name of the one-eyed monster who is the son of the Sea God. Polyphemus
God of the Sea. Poseidon
Odysseus' wife. Penelope
Odysseus' son. Telemachus
The number of ships that Odysseus and his men set out with. Twelve
These animals were used to help Odysseus and his men escape the one-eyed monster. Sheep
The false name Odysseus gives to the one-eyed monster. Nobody
The name of the brass city, home of the Lord of the Winds. Aeolia
A gift from the Aeloians to Odysseus. Bag of Winds
A sorceress who turns Odysseus' men into pigs. Circe
Odysseus puts this in his mouth to protect him from the powers of Circe. Moly Flower
The oracle who Odysseus must meet in the Underworld. Teiresias
God of the Dead. Hades
God of the Sky and most powerful of all gods. Zeus
A six headed serpent. Scylla
A violent whirlpool. Charybdis
Three beautiful women who sing songs to lure sailors into the rocks. Sirens
Odysseus puts this in the ears of his men to protect them from the Sirens. Beeswax
Odysseus orders his men to tie him to this part of the ship to protect him from the Sirens. Mast
The animal that must not be eaten on the Island of the Sun. Cows
The God of the Sun and ruler of the Island of the Sun. Apollo
Odysseus' mascot that must be eaten on the Island of the Sun. Cockerel
Goddess of War and Wisdom who favors Odysseus. Athena
The sea-nymph who only wanted a husband. Calypso
The island where Odysseus is left after being rescued by a mermaid. Scheria
The men of Scheria are turned to this as punishment for returning Odysseus safely home. Stone
Penelope promises to marry one of the suitors once she has woven this type of garment. Veil
Number of years that Odysseus has been away from home when he finally returns. Twenty
Number of years the Trojan War lasted. Ten
Penelope arranges this type of contest to decide who will get to marry her. Archery
The winner of Penelope's contest. Odysseus
Created by: Mr. Taylor