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Jin Gui Yao Lue

Chapter III Tx Bai He, Hu Huo & Yin Yang Du Dz

Bai He Syndrome occur after the adoption of diaphoretic Bai He Zhi Mu (Lily & Anemarrhena Combination)
a patient with Bai He Syndrome mistreated with purgative should be given principally? Hua Shi Dai Zhe Tang ( Talc & Hematite Combination)
Bai He Syndrome erroneously treated by emetics, require principally ? Ba He Ji Ji Huang Tang (Lily & Yolk Combination)
Bai He Syndrome not treated w/ vomiting, purgation or sweating methods that lingers in same condition as in beginning needs? Bai He Di Huang Tang (Lily & Rehmannia Dec)
Patient with Bai He Syndrome who develop a fever should be treated with? Bai He Hua Shi San ( Lily & Talc powder)
symp of Hu Huo syn r same febrile dz cuz by cold.reluctant speak, tend to sleep, but can't shut eyes when feel restless. When ulcer appears in throat is Huo syn, when ulcer appear extn genital/anus Hu syn. repel by food odor anorexic,face color vary, Gan Cao Xie Xin Tang ( Licorice Dec to drain epigastrium)
when ulceration appears on external genital, patient has parched feeling in his throat, External genitals should be washed with? Ku Shen Tang( Sophora Wash)
when ulceration appear on anus, should be treated with? Xiong Huang (realgar Fumigation)
patient has no fever but somewhat restless w/ speedy pulse, reluctant to speak prefer line in bed. Sweating, 1st 3, 4 day his eye red as turtle dove. 7-8 day cathi turn black if patient has good appetite pus will form Chi Xiao Du Dang Gui (Powder of Rx Angelica Sinensis & Semen Phaseoli)
Created by: djraspberry