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Jin Gui Yao Lue

Chapter II Convulsion & Rheumatism

the conformation of a convulsion disease include complete symptoms of Tai Yang dz together w/ rigid body, stiff neck & back but with submerge & slow pulse is a Jing Dz Gua Lou Gui Zhi Tang (trichosanthes & Cinnamon Dec)
Tai Yagn Dz w/ no sweating, oliguria, sensation of gas rushing up toward the chest & trimus / aphasia (lockjaw) & tendency to have strong convulsion Ge Gen Tang (pueraria Decoction)
Strong convulsion dz in patient manifesting fullness in the chest, lockjaw, serious opisthotonus that prevent patient from lying on bed w/ contraction of legs & involuntary grinding of teeth Da Cheng Qi Tang (Major order of Qi De)
Tai Yang Dz exhibit arthalgia, restlessness & submerge & thin pulse known as dampness dz (rheumatism) when symptoms of dysuria & smooth stool are observed Diuretic method
patient with dampness dz manifesting generalize aching & restlessness maybe suitable tx by induce sweating. also the doctor should be caution against using warm needle ir moxa Ma HUang Jia Zhu Tang (Ephedra Dec plus Atractylodis)
generalized aching & fever which aggravates in evening indicate a wind-dampness. it occurs when one who is perspiration is caught in a draft or when one get cold in presence of a chronic injury Ma Xing Yi Gan Tang (Ephedra, Apricot Kernel, Coiscis & Licorice Dec)
Win damp dz with floating pulse, generalize heaviness, sweating, urinary difficult & aversion to wind Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang (Stephania & astragalus Dec)
Shang Han (febrile dz cuz buy cold) condition that has lasted for eight to nine days w/ wind dampness factors conflict-generalized aching & vexation, inability to turn over voluntarily, no vomiting, no thirst, a floating def and harsh pulse, Gui zhi Fu Zi Tang (cinnamon, aconite ginger) if patient has constipation & normal urination = Bai Zhu Fu Zi
interact between wind & damp cuz acute pain in joint whic impair move joint due to serious referred pain vexation spasmodic pain, inable flex & stretch severe pain upon touching sweat, SOB, dysuria, aversion to wind, dislike to undress sli swell of body Gao Cao Fu Zi Tang (Licorice & Aconite Com)
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