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Pcom Herbs-1a

Basic info up to mid term

Mutual Accentuation (xiang xu) two or more herbs with similar functions may be used together to achieve a single therapeutic goal, (i.e. Da Huang & Mang Xiao)
Mutual Enhancement (xiang shi) Two or more herbs with different functions may be combined to reach a therapeutic goal, (i.e. Huang Qi & Fu Ling, Huang Qin & Da Huang)
Mutual Counteraction (xiang wei) Reduction of toxicity or side effects of one herb by another; emphasis is on the toxic substance i.e. Sheng Ban Xia is counteracted by Sheng Jiang
Mutual Suppression- (xiang sha) reverse of mutual counteraction. One substance reduces the undesirable side effects of another, but the emphasis is on the substance that performs the action. For example Sheng Jiang suppresses the toxicity of Ban Xia
Mutual Antagonism-(xiang e ) may minimize or reduce each other's original therapeutic effects
Mutual Incompatibility- (xiang fan) Two substances which, when used together causes side effects produced by neither alone
Single Effect- (dan xing) Use of a single medicinal substance to treat a patient (i.e. use of Ginseng as a single treating Collapse of Qi
Chief Principal ingredients directed towards the primary disease and or s/s being addressed by the formula. Formula often named after it
Deputy 1) Aids the chief 2) Directed towards coexisting pattern, disease or s/s ! Examples: Gui Zhi and Xing Ren in Ma Huang Tang, Zhi Mu in Bai Hu Tang
Assistant 1) Aids the chief and deputy in treating the primary pattern or disease 2) Moderates or eliminates harmful effects of chief or deputy, e.g. Chai Hu and Bai Shao used together ! 3) Has effect opposite to the chief ingredient for mixed picture diseases,
Envoy (AKA messenger, guide, courier) 1) Focuses the action of the formula on a given channel or area of the body 2) Harmonizes and integrates the actions of the other ingredients
ma huang - Ephedrae Herba Cautions and contraindications - hypertension,sweating, vacuity Dosage - low to medium Induces sweating and releases the exterior colds Disseminates and facilitates lung qi, calms wheezing, stops coughing - asthma Promotes urination and reduces edema (due to exterior invasion)Warms and disperses cold (wind cold damp) pathogens bi syndrome
gui4 zhi - Cinnamomi Ramulus Cautions and contraindications - dryness, heat Dosage - low to medium Warms the channels, vessels and collaterals -menstrual pain Releases the exterior and assists the yang - wind cold Warms and unblocks channels and collaterals-bi syndrome Warms yang and transforms thin mucus-edema due to yang vacuity Assists heart yang and unblocks yang qi of the chest-chest pain
bo he - Menthae Herba Disperses wind heat, clears and benefits the head, eyes and throat. Vents rashes - unexpressed measles. Allows constrained liver qi to flow freely Cautions and contraindications - sweating, qi vacuity Dosage - low
chai hu - Bupleuri Radix ! Dosage - low to medium ! Abstracts Resolves lesser yang disorders and reduces fever - alt chills and fever, ribside pain, nausea, wiry pulse Spreads liver qi and relieves constraint - emotions, GI, menses Raises the yang qi !Cautions and contraindications - liver fire or yang rising
Medicinals that Clear Heat and Drain Fire Flavor: Bitter Temperature: Cold Channels: Many
Four Greatnesses heat (fever), thirst, pulse, sweating
shi gao - Gypsum Fibrosum Clears heat and drains fire - qi level heat ! Clears heat from the lungs - cough, sputum ! Clears blazing stomach fire ! Topical use ! Cautions/contraindications: cold vacuity; high dosage
zhi mu - Anemarrhenae Rhizoma C/C: cold vacuity; medium dosage Clears heat and drains fire - qi level heat, lung and stomach heat ! Enriches yin and moistens dryness - heat effusion and nightsweats ! Generates fluids and clears heat - waste and thirsting disease (xiao ke) = late stage type 2 diabetes
Clear Heat and Cool the Blood Flavor: Bitter Temperature: cold Channels: Liver, Heart, Kidney
shui3 niu2 jiao3 - Bubali Cornu The historical species is Endangered! DO NOT USE Use Xi Jiao (Rhinocerotis Cornu) Clears heat, relieves fire toxin, and cools the blood- heat causes blood to move frenetically ! Clears heat and arrests tremor- extreme heat engenders wind ! Cautions and Contraindications - cold vacuity ! Dosage - high
sheng1 di4 huang2 - Rehmanniae Radix Clears heat and cools the blood- heat damages fluids, heat causes blood to move frenetically due to internal or external causes! Nourishes yin and engenders fluids- fever, waste and thirsting ! CC: - damp, phlegm ! Dosage- medium
Medicinals that Clear Heat and Dry Dampness Flavor: bitter Temperature: cold Channels: many, esp. yang
huang2 qin2 - Scutellariae Radix C/C, dosage low to medium, abstracts heat causes yang to rise Clears heat and dries dampness-GI diseases.Clears heat and resolves toxicity-lung infections,skin lesions Clears heat and stops bleeding - heat stirs blood Clears heat and calms the fetus-heat stirs fetus.Sedates ascendant liver yang-heatcausesyangtorise
huang2 lian2 - Coptidis Rhizoma Clears heat and drains dampness - GI disease ! Drains fire and resolves fire toxicity - upper body spirit or mouth symptoms, also skin lesions ! Clears heat and stops bleeding ! Clears heat topically ! Dosage - low to medium
huang2 bai3 - Phellodendri Cortex Drains damp heat - lower jiao ! Drains kidney fire - vacuity fire ! Drains fire and resolves fire toxicity - skin ! Cautions/Contra - spleen vacuity ! Dosage - low to medium
Medicinals that Clear Heat and Toxin Flavor: bitter Temperature: cold Channels: many
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