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FOL Packet 2

Sentences with action or linking verbs

Action or LinkingWhich is it?
John carried the flag in the parade. action
After the parade, John felt exhausted. linking
He also felt proud. linking
I can smell delightful aromas from the kitchen. action
The freshly baked bread smells especially appealing. linking
The test questions seemed simple as a result of my studying. linking
The city official sounded the tornado alarm at 11 p.m. action
Cathy and Carol are the only two here. linking
Ryan heard music coming from the downstairs bedroom. action
Her poem sounded exactly right for the occassion. linking
Frank looked through all the documents. action
The music on the piano looked difficult to play. linking
Chicken seems to be the favored meat. linking
Did you hear that sound? action
Don't touch those cookies! action
My boss felt angry about our suggestion. linking
Jack appeared before the committee on Tuesday. action
Susan tasted the hot stew carefully. action
Mom felt my forehead with her cool hand. action
The massage felt great on my tight muscles. linking
Put the cover on the pot. action
She seemed well prepared for the quiz. linking
Paul Revere sounded the alarm throughout the country. action
His voice sounded awfully loud in the quiet room. linking
Aunt June was not traveling until August. action
Have you visited our school before? action
I have been a teacher and a student. linking
The car should have been red, in my opinion. linking
I might have challenged Bill to a race if my foot weren't sore. action
Has the speaker arrived yet? action
Created by: jstruss