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Parasitology Test 2

Intestional amoeba, Blood protozoa, sporozoa...

West African Sleeping Sickness T. brucei gambesiense
T. brucei gambesiense and rhoesiense is transmitted by? Tsetse fly
East African Sleeping Sickness T. brucei rhodesiense
Chaga's Disease Trypanosoma cruzi
Trypanosoma cruzi is transmitted by Reduvid bugs
Localized inflammation Painful nodule on face Edema, rash around eyes Trypanosoma cruzi
Leishmania affecting nasal and oral L. braziliensis
Leishmania affecting the entire body L. donovani complex
Leishmania is found where in the blood buffy coat
Leishmania is transmitted by sandflies
Entero-Test capsule is used to find Giardia lamblia
found in the Urogenital system Trichomonas vaginalis
Trichomonas vaginalis specimens should never... be refrigerated
sexually transmitted Trichomonas vaginalis and isospora belli
Lives in cecal region of large intestine chilomastix mesnili
The only human pathogenic ciliate Balantidium coli
Can be confused with a helmenth egg Balantidium coli
Domestic hogs important reservoir Balantidium coli
Infect intestinal mucosa Sporozoa
Don’t confuse with yeasts cryptosporidium parvum
Use Autofluorescence to find cyclospora cayetanensis
Cats, felines are definitive hosts Toxoplasma gondii
Transplacental infection Toxoplasma gondii
Mimics mononucleosis Toxoplasma gondii
Serology for IgM, IgG, ELISA, TORCH titers used to diagnose Toxoplasma gondii
Obligate, intracellular, spore-forming protists Microsporidia
Cause of primary amebic meningioencephalitis Naegleria fowleri
Penetrate nasal mucosa into brain Naegleria fowleri
Most cases diagnosed on autopsy. Naegleria fowleri
Associated with exposure to contaminated water through swimming. Naegleria fowleri
Cause granulomatous amebic encephalitis Acanthamoeba
effects contact lenses Acanthamoeba
Children n tropics, daycare; animal handlers; international travelers cryptosporidium parvum
Plasmodium is transmitted by masquitos
ring form of plasmodium early trophozoites
Rupture of large numbers of RBC Plasmodium
Reinfection of RBCs from liver Plasmodium
P. falciparum fever spike 36-48 hrs
P. malariae fever spike 72 hrs
P. ovale fever spike 48 hrs
P. vivax fever spike 48 hrs
First Plasmodium that needs to be eliminated is P. falciparum
Maltese cross Babesia
rodent parasite B. microti
cattle fever Babesia
transmitted by ticks Babesia
Pathogenic (amebic dysentary) Entamoeba histolytica & E. dyspar
“Oval with eyes” Dientamoeba fragilis
What differentiates Trypanosoma from leishmania Flagella
This parasite causes death by kidney damage T. brucei rhodesiense
Why is it important to wear gloves when working with Trypanosoma rhodesiense can be transmitted through touch (skin)
American trypanosomiasis Trypanosoma cruzi
Called the kissing bug Trypanosoma cruzi
didnt take treatment long enough to rid erythrocytic cycle recrudescence
Returning of the erythrocytic cycle usually from the liver relapse
Babesia doesnt have what compared to plasmodium fever spikes
thickness of a slide is important for the diagnosis of what Malaria
how many fields must be reviewed under oil immersion to call malaria posative 200-300
How many hours of testing is needed to rule out malaria 36 hours
pathogenic Entamoeba E. histolytica
Non pathogenic Entamoeba E. dyspar
Ingestion of RBC E. histolytica
Entamoeba histolytica & E. dyspar live where subtropics
Hartmanni is what type of pathogen non pathogenic
Hartmanni is smaller compared to E. histolytica
Karyosomes are off center in entamoeba coli
Entamoeba coli have how many nuclei in a cyst 8 nuclei
Endolomax nana is what type of pathogen non pathogenic
"blot like" karyosome Endolomax nana
Endolomax nana have how many nuclei in a cyst 4 nuclei in oval shaped cyst
What cyst has an unstained vacuole Iodamoeba butschii
Has a large center vacuole Blastocystis hominis
Which amebae has no cyst form Dientamoeba fragilis
Amebae form besides cyst Trophozoite
Trichomonas have no cyst form true
Whiplike structure to move Flagellates
6-7 hair on cell ciliate
meboid motion Ameba
ingestion of water penocytosis
ameba eat this for food intestional flora
This flagellate is very common in the united states giardia lamblia
Active feeding stage Trophozoite
the survival stage Cyst
Giardia lamblia has how many: nuclei median bodies Axostyle 2 sets of each
is giardia lamblia anerobic or aereobic anerobic
Stains used to identify parasites Giemsa stain, iodine stain, trichrome stain, and somtimes wright stain
This is used to identify moving parasites Wet prep
This parasite has its nucleus jammed up as far as possible in its trophozoite Chilomastix mesnili
What type of pathogen is trichomonas hominis nonpathogenic
what type of pathogen is chilomastix mesnili non pathogenic
This parasite has a knob on top of its cyst form Chilomastix mesnili
Ciliates: Balantidium coli is what type of pathogen pathogenic
Has a mouth at the top and cilia all around Ciliates: Balantidium coli
Created by: geebs28