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STCC Hemo-Anemias


Disease type for Acute Blood Loss rapid blood loss; 20% or more
Disease type for Chronic Blood Loss slow blood loss over time; overall blood vol. not effected
Cause of Acute Blood Loss severe hemorrhage
blood smear for acute blood loss normochromic, normocytic for 24 hours then marked anemia
cause of chronic blood loss iron deficiency anemia (depleted iron stores)
lab findings of chronic blood loss retic. count normal or slightly elevated; WBCs normal or slightly decreased; platelets normal or decreased in iron deficiency
type of disease for aplastic anemia pancytopenia - reduced growth and production of all blood lines
nature of aplastic anemia stem cells not present to produce RBCs, WBCs, and megakaryocytes
lab findings for aplastic anemia granulocytes < .5 *10 9/L; platelets < 20 *10 9/L; retic. < 1%
define an Anemia condition characterized by: packed red cell vol (Hct) below the lower limit of the 95% reference rangy for their age, gender and geographical location.
causes of anemia blood loss; impaired RBC production; accelerated RBC destruction
clinical signs/symptoms of anemia easily fatigued; dyspnea(heavy breathing) upon exertion; pallor(pale); low blood pressure; slight fever; some edema
lab assessment of anemia RBC count; Hct; Hgb; RBC indices
classifications of anemia RBC morphology (size, shape); physiology (RBC function); probable etiology-pathophysiology(cause); accelerated RBC destruction; blood loss; impaired RBC production; acute or chronic
quantitative measures for anemia Hgb, Hct, RBC counts decreased; RBC indices; RBC histogram; Red cell distribution width (RDW)
additional tests for anemia bone marrow exam; acid hemolysis; autohemolysis; fetal Hgb concentration; osmotic fragility; platelet count; retic count; sickle cell; Hgb electrophoresis; antibody; chemistry
pancytopenia bone marrow failure
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