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Ashley's Study List

English Renaissance Drama

What was the range for the amount of people in the audience? 2000-3000
What was the shape of the stage? Round, octagonal, or rectangular
Was the stage roofed? Yes
Was the general seating roofed? No
What is the date for The Globe? 1599
What is the date for The Fortune? 1600
What is the date for The Swan? Unknown
A huge room used for storage of props and costumes which is also a rehersal area is... The attic
What housed musicians and actors and was made famous by Romeo & Juliet? The balcony
The heavens are.... The stage ceiling decorated with zodiac and other symbols
Explain the Gentleman's Room... Seating in the middle gallery closest to the stage that featured cushion seats and cost 3 pence.
How much did seating in the gallery cost? 2 pence
Private playhouses had the ability to perform plays... Year-round
Decribe the structure of the stage... 2-3 tiers roofed galleries, 4-6' raised stage with trap doors, 2 level facade behind stage, and no scenery
Next to Shakespeare, who is the Greatest English tradgedy writer? Christopher Marlowe
Ben Jonson wrote what? Satires
What four things did William Shakespeare write? Histories, comedies, tradgedies, and fantasies.
Speeches where the actors talk alone to reveal their thoughts are... Soliloquies
Did all classes of people attend the dramas? Yes
Were the actors all men? Yes
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