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12 Main Meridians

symptoms of 12 Main meridians

LU HAND Taiyin sensation of fullness in the chest
LU HAND Taiyin shoulder pain, back pain
LU HAND Taiyin pain in the anterior medial part of arm
LU HAND Taiyin hemoptysis
LI HAND Yangming *epitasxis
LI HAND Yangming pain in anterior part of the shoulder
LI HAND Yangming borborygmus
LI HAND Yangming diarrhea and dysentery
SP FOOT Taiyin belching, vomiting
SP FOOT Taiyin jaundnice
SP FOOT Taiyin stiffness and pain in the root of the tongue
HEART HAND Shaoyin *insomnia
HEART HAND Shaoyin noctural sweating
SI HAND Taiyin Deafness
SI HAND Taiyin pain at the posteriour border of the lateral aspect of should and arm
ST FOOT Yangming angina
ST FOOT Yangming *mania
ST FOOT Yangming abdominal distention
BD FOOT Taiyang retention of urine
BD FOOT Taiyang lacrimation when exposed to wind
BD FOOT Taiyang pain in the lumbar region
HT HAND Shaoyin palpitations
PC HAND Jueyin *mental restlessness
PC HAND Jueyin swelling in axilla
GB FOOT Shaoyang pain along the lateral side of the chest
GB FOOT Shaoyang jaw pain
GB FOOT Shaoyang pain along lateral aspect of the chest
TE HAND ShaoyangGB FOOT Shaoyang *pain in the outer canthus
TE HAND Shaoyang pain in retroricular region
GB FOOT Shaoyang bitter taste
PC HAND Jueyin stuffy chest
LR FOOT Jueyin low back pain
PC HAND Jueyin flushed face
LR FOOT Jueyin vertical headache
LR FOOT JueyinTE HAND Shaoyang dysuria
LR FOOT Jueyin mental disturbance
KD FOOT ShaoyinLR FOOT Jueyin enuresis
KD FOOT Shaoyin dry tongue
KD FOOT Shaoyin *asthmatic breathing
BD FOOT Taiyang retention of urine
BD FOOT Taiyang malaria
BD FOOT TaiyangPC HAND Jueyin *manic and depressive mental disorders
BD FOOT Taiyang nape pain
HT HAND ShaoyinPC HAND Jueyin cardiac pain
HT HAND ShaoyinLR FOOT Jueyin dry throat
HT HAND Shaoyin upper arm pain
HT HAND ShaoyinPC HAND Jueyin heat sensations in the palms
SI HAND Taiyang *deafness
SI HAND Taiyang *yellow sclera
SI HAND Taiyang sore throat
SI HAND TaiyangTE HAND Shaoyang swelled cheeks
SI HAND Taiyang lower abdominal pain w. distention
SI HAND Taiyang pain @ posterior border of the lateral aspect of the shoulder and arm
LR FOOT Jueyin lower abdomen pain
LR FOOT Jueyin hiccups
ST FOOT Yangming *angina
PC HAND Jueyin spasms of the upper limbs
BD FOOT Taiyang buttock pain
BD FOOT Taiyang pain in posterior aspect of lower limbs
KD FOOT Shaoyin lumbar region pain
KD FOOT Shaoyin weakness of the lower limbs
KD FOOT Shaoyin heat sensation in the soles
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