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3.02 People Pusher

Business Essentials Glossary

Benefits Advantages or payments employees receive in addition to their wages (e.g., sick time, holiday pay, health insurance).
Compensation Pay or wages for work completed.
Compliance Fulfilling the requirements of the law.
Employee complaint An oral or written expression of an employee's dissatisfaction.
Employee safety Freedom from danger, risk, or injury in the workplace.
Employee-assistance programs A project organized and sponsored by a company to help its employees
Exit interview Discussions with employees who are leaving that are designed to give feedback for the business.
Globalization The rapid and unimpeded flow of capital, labor, and ideas across national borders.
Human resources People who work to produce goods and services.
Human resources management The process of planning, staffing, leading, and organizing the employees of the business.
Job description Explanation of responsibilities and tasks associated with a specific job.
Job specification Explanation of the skills, knowledge, and characteristics required for a job.
On-boarding activities Human resources management tasks that must be performed when a new employee joins the company (e.g., orientation and paperwork.
On-the-job training The most common method of training; the employee learns by actually performing the job.
Organizational restructuring A significant change to a business's structure or operations (e.g., merger, acquisition, downsizing).
Orientation Job preparation or induction training in which new employees are acquainted with their surroundings and are given general information about the company and its policies as well as specific information about their jobs.
Outsourcing Acquiring assistance from outside organizations/consultants to accomplish business objectives or perform primary business activities.
Performance review A formal assessment of a worker's job performance by his/her supervisor that lets the worker know how s/he is doing on the job.
Professional development Steps that an individual takes to enhance or improve skills or traits that are needed to excel in her/his career/profession.
Recruiting Seeking out and attracting qualified potential employees.
Staffing A human resources management activity that involves recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orienting, and dealing with job changes for a company's employees.
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