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The jazz age

History test

18th Amendment prohibition of alcohol
19th Amendment allowed women to vote
Emergency qouta act puts a limit on the people who are allowed to immigrate to the united states.
Scopes trial a teacher was teaching evolution, and people thought it was inapropriate to teach evolution so they put him on trial
Sacco and Vanzetti case two men were accused of stealing shoes and Sacco & Vanzetti were put on trial. The men were both foreign, this revealed how paranoid America was towards immigrants and communists.
actions of Calvin Coolidge in the Boston Police Strike Calvin coolidge fired the entire Boston Police Force
Corruption Scandal that symbolized Harding's screwups The teapot Dome
Babe Ruth Famous baseball player
The jazz Singer The first non-silent movie
The results of the car boom Tourism was more prominent, the steel, glass, iron, tire, and other industries were supported by the car boom
Charles Lindbergh Was the first person to break the Sound Barrier with his plane, the Spirit of Saint Louis
Will Rogers Was a comeidian who was around in the 1920s, he was of Native American descent
FDR President during the Great depression, he designed a set of reforms called the New Deal.
John Steinbeck Was a writer, wrote the Grapes of Wrath and of Mice and men
Eleanor Roosevelt First lady
Frances Perkins Was the first woman to be appointed to a cabinet position
Dorothea Lange Woman photographer
The Great Depression period of time in which there was a rescession and it was economicaly rough, many people were poor
defualt failure to meet an obligation, especially a financial one
Fireside Chat President Roosevelt's radio chats
Black Thursday The day that the stock market crashed.
CCC Gave jobs to people such as building bridges
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