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Module 5 PT 55

Term definitions

capillary-to-fiber ratio the number of capillaries per muscle fiber. This increases with exercise training
cardiorespiratory endurance the capacity of the body to sustain prolonged exercise
cross-training training regime with contains both cardio and resistance training or a regime which combines multiple types of sport-specific workouts
heart rate recovery period the length of time, after an exercise bout, it takes for the heart to resume a resting pulse rate
nonresponders the name given to individuals participating in a controlled experimental study who show no resulting improvement/changes
oxygen transport system the name given to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems combined
responders the name given to individuals participating in a controlled experimental study who show resulting improvement/changes
specificity of training a exercise training technique which focuses on improvement of sport specific components which closely mimics the specific end athletic activity
arterial-venous oxygen difference (a-vO2 diff) the measurement of the amount of oxygen extracted by the body from the blood as measured fully-oxygenated blood immediately entering the atrium artery versus the oxygen-depleted blood entering the right atrium
Body build one of three form/structure characteristics of the body classified as muscularity, linearity or fatness
Body composition chemical makeup of the body.
Body size height and mass of the body
Chronic fatigue syndrome measurable declined athletic performance lastly months to years usually associated with weight loss and poor diet
Densitometry a technique for measuring the body’s density
Fat-free mass the human body mass minus the fat mass
Fat mass human bodies’ mass derived from fat
Hydrostatic weighing – the process of measuring the body weight while submerged in water whose result can determine the body volume
Lean body mass the term applied to the human bodies’ mass summed from the fat-free mass plus the addition of a predicted essential fat needed for survival
Relative body fat the ratio of a bodies’ fat versus the bodies’ total mass.
Skin fold fat thickness a low cost, field measurement method used to help estimate body density
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