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six duce

fcat vocabulary

what is context a word setting the order of words in a setence
what are 3 active listening techniques lean toward speaker 2 make eye contact 3 summarize/restate the speaker main idea
what is editing altering and improving the puntuation spelling grammar and neatness of an essay
what is revision altering and improving the context of an essay
what is a thesis statement a type of statement that states the main idea of an essay
what is emotional appeal an example of a method of persuasion that connects emotionally with the reader
what is main idea the message or the mosts important point of a passage
what is a bullet a black dot , square or dimond shaped on the left of the sentence or phrase
what is a setting the time and place of a story
what is conflict a struggle wihtin a plot between oppsing forces
Attitude point of view toward the topic
Pupose to inform ,to entertain
main idea is the controlling idea of the passsage
roots the main part of the word
demeanor behavior
conclusion decison
what is synthesizing the processs of drawing information
Created by: sixduce