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True or false Except in special circumstances you must obey any posted minimum speed limit. True True or false The faster a car is traveling, the greater it’s breaking distance. True
True or false Stopping on a downgrade (downhill) is more difficult than stopping on a flat surface. False True or false Your braking distance is your reaction time plus the time it takes for the vehicle to stop. True
The Basic Speed Law states that one should not travel faster than: is safe for existing condtions. True or false You must always yield to pedestrians that are crossing the street even if they are jay-walking True or false An increase in speed also increases a vehicle’s energy of motion
True The total stopping distance is calculated by adding the braking distance and Reaction time For the best traction on snow or ice, a vehicle should be equipped with
Snow tires True or false An intersection with traffic lights is controlled. True When exiting a freeway, you should slow down
I’m the exit lane True or false A driver should never share a lane with a motorcycle. True True or false If a car is tailgating you, you should use your brakes.
False True or false The absolute speed limit is the posted speed limit. False True or false Peripheral vision is a measure of a person’s side vision.
True True or false Everyone in a vehicle must wear their safety belt no matter where they sit in a car. True True or false A counter skid is caused by over steering when attempting to correct an initial skid.
True True or false There are special driving limitations for newly licensed teen drivers True True or false Tailgaters are a major cause of city traffic collisions.
True True or false Right of way rules apply only to drivers. False True or false Judging distances is easier when you are driving at night.
False True or false In the winter, bridges may ice over well before other roadways. True True or false Alcohol is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream when mixed with carbonated beverages.
True True or false A motorcycle with its headlight on is as visible as another car to an oncoming driver. False True or false An effective way of helping conserve fuel is through speed control.
True True or false Alcohol is depressant True A liver can rid the body of a half-ounce of alcohol in
An hour True or false If your vehicle stalls on a railroad tracks, the first thing you should do is push the car off the tracks False True or false The minimum distance you must give a bicyclist is one car length
False True or false Not all drugs will influence the user False True or false Moped riders may fail to give hand signals because the left hand is used to operate the rear break.
True True or false Always yield to emergency vehicles when they have lights flashing and sirens blaring. True True or false You must have a front and rear bumper in order to legally drive on the road.
True True or false A partially controlled intersection is regulated at all approaches. False True or false When approaching a curve, driver should reduce speed.
True True or false Young drivers have a safer driving record than most other drivers. False True or false Bicyclists should use hand signals to show when they intend to change direction.
True True or false A driver’s judgement is impaired after only one drink True True or false Reaction time is not affected by reduced visibility.
False True or false No matter how safely you drive, there is no guarantee a crash can be prevented. True True or false If a driver takes medication for a cold, the medication may effect a person’s ability to drive.
True True or false When a vehicle is parked on the street, it must be no more than 12 inches from the curb. True True or false You must dim your headlights to oncoming vehicles within a distance of 1,000 feet.
True True or false A vehicle with a high center of gravity is easier to control than a vehicle with a low center of gravity False True or false People who are physically disabled should not drive.
False True or false As long as you don’t drink and drive, it doesn’t matter if you encourage others not to as well. False True or false Most pedestrians realize how difficult it is for drivers to see them
False True or false A vehicles taillights come on when shifted into REVERSE. True True or false The driving skills of inexperienced drivers are more likely to be affected by alcohol than the skills of experienced drivers.
True Drivers receive over 95% of traffic information through Their sight True or false If a vehicle is heading toward you and it does not appear to see you, blast your horn.
Created by: Munaosman
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