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NOCTURNE night music or painting of a nightscene
EQUANIMITY(AQUUS = equ+ ANIMUS = mind) equal mind
EQUABILITY equable temperament = calm, serene
LIBRA balance
EQUILIBRIUM state of physical balance
EQUILIBRIST tightrope walker
EQUESTRIAN someone on horse
EQUESTRIENNE woman on horse
EQUINE like a horse as in appearance
FERO to bear or carry
VOCIFEROUS carrying (much) voice
VOCALIZE to give voice to
EQUITABLE fair; just
EQUABLE calm; unruffled; even-tempered
TITILLATE tickle; stimulate pleasurably
ADULATE flatter and worship (as done to celebrities)
PROSCRIBE( PRO = before + SCRIBO/SCRIPTUS = to write) to forbid; is commonly used for medical, religious or legal prohibitions
OBVIATE(VIA = by way of) to make unnecessary; to do away with
TRIVIAL where three roads intersects; unimportant; without great significance
MILITIS(LATIN) soldier or fghting man
MILITATE fight against
MALUS(LATIN) bad; evil
MALIGN to speak evil about; to defame; to slander
MALIGNANT GLANCE one showing deep hatred
MALEDICTION(MALUS + DICO/DICTUS = to tell) a curse; an evil saying
MALEVOLENT(VOLO = to wish) wishing evil or harm
MALEFICENT(FACIO/FACTUS = to do or make) doing evil or harm
MALEFACTOR wrong doer; evildoer
MALADROIT having an evil right hand; unskillful
MALAISE an indefinite feeling of bodily discomfort
BENIGN/BENIGNANT kindly, good natured; not harmful
BENEDICTION blessing; good saying
BENEFICIENT doing good
BENEFACTOR one who does good things for others
BENEFACTRESS female benefactor
BENEFACTION is recieved by beneficiary
FACIO to do or make( as in benefit, beneficial, etc...)
BENEVOLENT wish well
BONAFIDE in good faith
FIDES(LATIN) faith or trust
FIDELITY faithfulness
FIDO stereotypical name for a dog
INFIDEL one who does not have the right faith or religion
INFIDELITY unfaithfullness especially to marriage vows
VOLITION the act or power of wiling or wishing
PLACATE turn one's hostile attitude into one that is friendly or favourable
PLAC- to please; to appease; soothe or pacify
IMPLACABLE unyieldng to entreaty or pity; hence harsh or relentless
PLACID calm; easy going; serene; undisturbed
COMPLACENT pleased with urself
CONDONE forgive; overlook; pardon or be uncrtical of
DONO(LATIN) to give
AIT a small island in river
BIJOU a small delicate jewel
HORST a part of the earth's crust
DOTTY eccentric
ATHENAEUM library or reading room
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