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ACTCM Formu Qt1Qz2 A

ACTCM Formulas 1-2 A Summary

Basic for YangMing Fu syndrome (阳明腑证) = “Pi(痞) distend.sensat; Man(满) fullness/bloat; Zao(燥) dry BM; Shi(实) excess including pain worse with pressure and excess pulse. Da(大) is big/major. Cheng Qi (承气) is "follow Qi"=follow ST Qi to descend. Dà chéng qì tāng 大承氣湯 (大承气汤)
Compared with Da cheng qi tang(大承气汤), this is milder and contains all the same herbs except Mang Xiao (芒硝). Xiao(小) is small/minor. Xiăo chéng qì tāng 小承氣湯 (小承气汤)
Is more harmonizing, therefore it has Zhi Gan Cao (炙甘草) to support the Middle Jiao. Tiao(调) is to regulate. Wei(胃) is Stomach. Tiáo wèi chéng qì tāng 調胃承氣湯 (调胃承气汤)
Three life-saving herbs: Ba Dou(巴豆) is spicy hot and a strong purgative, Gan Jiang(干姜) warms the MJ, and Da Huang (大黃) "the General" to direct them. San Wu(三物)= “Three Things” (herbs). Bei Ji (备急) is to prepare for emergency. Sān wù beì jí wán 三物備急丸 (三物备急丸)
Treats intestinal dry heat. Includes Xiao Cheng Qi Tang (小承气汤) plus Huo Ma Ren (火麻仁), Xing Ren (杏仁), Bai Shao (白芍) and Feng Mi (蜂蜜). 小承气汤 pushes the heat stagnation and the rest generate fluid and lubricate. Ma Zi Ren (麻子仁) is Huo Ma Ren (火麻仁). Má zĭ rén wán 麻子仁丸
Aids the water flow so that the boats (BM) can move. Tonifies the Kidney and is safe for deficient patients. Ji (济) is to aid and Chuan (川) is stream. Jì chuān jiān 濟川煎 (济川煎)
Three harsh expellants: Yuan Hua(芫花), Gan Sui(甘遂) and Da Ji(大戟), are ground into powder and tucked into ten pieces of Da Zao(大枣). Harshly purges water out of body and 大枣 is used here to prevent the MJ from damage. Shi(十) is ten. Zao(枣) is Da Zao(大枣). Shí zăo tāng 十棗湯 (十枣汤)
Formula has all the ingredients of Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang (调胃承气汤) and Zeng Ye Cheng Qi Tang (增液承气汤) plus a few more to tonify Qi, Yin and Blood. Xin (新) is new. Jia (加) is addition. Prior to新加黃龍汤, there was a 黃龍汤 which is stronger. Xīn jiā huáng lóng tāng 新加黃龍湯 (新加黄龙汤)
Created by: Greg Miller