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Kirby the Nerd

FCAT Vocabulary 2006

(>@.@)>@|\|W$E® Here
::Kirby Nerd::What is Resolution? ::Kirby Nerd::A solution to conflict the falling action after the climax of the plot.
::Kirby Nerd:: What is Pacing? ::Kirby Nerd:: Pacing is based on the idea that each question on the test takes a certain amount of time to read and anwser.
::Kirby Nerd:: What is Conflct? ::Kirby Nerd::A struggle within a plot.
::Kirby Nerd:: What is Contrast? ::Kirby Nerd::To show how objects or ideas are different.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Theme? ::Kirby Nerd::Literary term or the main idea of a place of writing.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Tone? ::Kirby Nerd::The authors attitude towards the reader places, events or characters.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Metaphor? ::Kirby Nerd::Figure of speech implied comparison EX; Her hair was like straw.
::Kirby Nerd::What are the 5 types of conflict in literature? ::Kirby Nerd::man vs man, man vs nature, man vs himself, man vs the supernatural, and man vs society.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Plot? ::Kirby Nerd::The action of a story ; plot depends on setting and sequence of events.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Setting? ::Kirby Nerd::The time and place of a story.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Compare? ::Kirby Nerd::To show how objects or ideas are alike.
::Kirby Nerd::What is a simile? ::Kirby Nerd::Comparison of one thing, with another ,of a different kind as an illustration or ornament. ex. She was as hungry as a horse.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Main Idea? ::Kirby Nerd::The message or the most important point of the passage.
::Kirby Nerd::What is inference? ::Kirby Nerd::A logical deduction based on evidence.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Conclusion? ::Kirby Nerd::A statement that is based on the information in the reading . It is a logical summary based on text.
::Kirby Nerd::What are the three types of context clues? ::Kirby Nerd::Synonyma or Definition, an Antonym, the general meaning of the passage.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Context? ::Kirby Nerd::A word’s setting. The other words in a sentence create context and determine meaning.
::Kirby Nerd::What is figurtive language? ::Kirby Nerd::Brings in an element of fantasy or exaggeration.
::Kirby Nerd::What is literal language? ::Kirby Nerd::To use a word in a factual way or stress the truth of a statement that might otherwise be understood as figurative.
::Kirby Nerd::What is a bullet? ::Kirby Nerd::A black dot , square or dimond shaped on the left of the sentence or phrase.
::Kirby Nerd::What is synthesizing? ::Kirby Nerd::The processs of drawing information.
::Kirby Nerd::What is emotional appeal? ::Kirby Nerd::An example of a method of persuasion that connects emotionally with the reader.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Revision? ::Kirby Nerd::Altering and improving the context of an essay.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Central Conflict? ::Kirby Nerd::The main problem or struggle in the plot of a poem, story, or play.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Irony? ::Kirby Nerd::The difference between appearance and reality.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Motive? ::Kirby Nerd::A reason for acting a certain way.
::Kirby Nerd::What is a Myth? ::Kirby Nerd::A story that explains something the beginnings of things in the natural world.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Characterization? ::Kirby Nerd::The act creating a character.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Folk Tale? ::Kirby Nerd::A story passed by word of mouth frpm generation to generation.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Personification? ::Kirby Nerd::A figure of speech in which something not described asif it were human.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Oral Tradition? ::Kirby Nerd::A work, idea, or custom passed by word of mouth from generation to generation.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Fable and Myth? ::Kirby Nerd::A breif story with animal characters and moral.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Legened? ::Kirby Nerd::A story based on important real events of characters, often from distant past.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Subpolt? ::Kirby Nerd::Reference in a literary work to something famous.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Aim? ::Kirby Nerd::His or her purpose, or goal.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Parallelism? ::Kirby Nerd::The expression of similar ideas in a similar way.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Autobiography? ::Kirby Nerd::A story of a person’s life, written by that person.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Science Fiction? ::Kirby Nerd::Imaginative based on scientific principles, discoveries, or laws.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Image? ::Kirby Nerd::An language that describes something that can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, or smelled.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Speaker? ::Kirby Nerd::The voice that speaks, or narrates, a peom.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Personification? ::Kirby Nerd::A figure of speech in which something not human is described as if it were human.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Exposition? ::Kirby Nerd::A part of a plot that introduces the setting and the major characters.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Irony of Situation? ::Kirby Nerd::An event that contradicts the expectations of the characters, the reader, or the audience of literary work.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Understatement? ::Kirby Nerd::A statment that treats something inportant as though it were not inportant.
::Kirby Nerd::What is skimming? ::Kirby Nerd::To look over the passage quickly.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Propoganda? ::Kirby Nerd::Infomation that is spread to support a cause.
::Kirby Nerd::What are 6 purpose of writing? ::Kirby Nerd::Explain, inform, persuade, entertain, describe, analyze.
::Kirby Nerd::What is periodical index? ::Kirby Nerd::Directs you to the latest infomation on any subject and provides summaries of infomation.
::Kirby Nerd::What is a secondary source? ::Kirby Nerd::Written about the event from a distance of time and place.
::Kirby Nerd::What are key words? ::Kirby Nerd::they help describe the anwser in a different way from the question.
::Kirby Nerd::What is a Satire? ::Kirby Nerd::A literary mode based on criticism of people and society through ridicule.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Ribicule? ::Kirby Nerd::Words intended to betitle a person or idea and arouse contemptuous laughter.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Rhyme? ::Kirby Nerd::The similaritys between syllable sounds at the end of two or more lines.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Allegory? ::Kirby Nerd::A figurative work in work in witch a surface. narrativecarries a secondary, symbolic or metaphorical meaning.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Apologue? ::Kirby Nerd::A moral fable, usually featuring personified animals or inanimate objects which act like people to allow the author to commenr on the human condition.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Blank Verse? ::Kirby Nerd::Unrhymed iambic pentameter.
::Kirby Nerd::What is a Blurlesque? ::Kirby Nerd::A work designed to ridicule a style, literary form, or subjectmatter either by treating the exalted in a trivial way or by discussing the trivial in exalted terms.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Conceit? ::Kirby Nerd::An elaborate, usually intellually ingenios poetic comparison or image.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Euphuism? ::Kirby Nerd::A highly ornate style of writing popularized.
::Kirby Nerd::What is Free Verse? ::Kirby Nerd::Verse that has neither regular rhyme no regular meter.
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