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Hippy Stack

Humorous FCAT Facts

Hippy's #1Hippy's #2Hippy's #3Hippy's #4Hippy's #5
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha Wrong door!!!! Try the next one lozer haaaaaa!!!!! Wrong again stupid lololololol!!!!! ok ok here it is... What is a lesson you can learn from a story or passage that are usualy true, most of the time????? did u guess it yet... It's themes
What is main idea? ha wrong door. What is Wrong door? lol The message or the most important point of a passage often stated in the topic or concluding sentence........... You missed the door by a door.
A statement that is based on the information in the reading. It is a logical summary based on the text. What is conclusion? Thanks for trying but, your a lozer Wrong hippy........... muahahahahahaha wrong door
wrong wrong hippy Whitch dictionary definition of the word SEASON? as taste.............. Wrong door Flavor
Lolz What is GRUB? haaaa...Wrong door The thick worm-like larva in certain insects, as beetles.......... Hippy's Rule!!! Wrong door again
What is Cause how does it feel to get it wrong again ha!! An event or action that make something happen (it tells us why something happened) LAAAAoozer wrong door again man your slow!!
What does F.C.A.T. stand for? Wops did you slip your finger Wrong door Florida Comprhensive Assesment Test What does wrong stand for? you! (door should slam shut on you) wrong door
what is a bullet ? so close hippy!!!!! wrong hippy!!!!!! try the next door hippy!!!! a black dot on the left of sentence or phrases in a list.
the process of drawing information from different sources. what is synthesizing ? you must be really stupid try again wrong door!!!!! the answer is you are a hippy!!!!!
hippys rule!!!! you are the weakest link good-bye what is Peridical Index try the next one stupid directs you to the latest information on any subject.
u must really be dumb a specific sentence that tells you what the main point of the passage is oh so close hippy what is stated main idea hahahahahaha wrong door
Created by: hippy jam