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What is tone? The way writer uses those words to convey a certain attitude or feeling to the reader.
What are eight types of Propaganda? Eight types of Propaganda is: Testimonials, Transfer, In-Crowd Appeal, Bandwagon, Glittering Generalities, Bait and Switch, Repetition and Emotional Words.
What is prediction? Prediction is when you make a logic guess of what you think is going to happen in the passage.
What is main idea? The main idea is the central point of a passage.
What is generalizing? Generalizing is a specific type of inference in which you formulate a general rule based on the data provided.
What is inferences? Inferences is making connections between the various pieces of information given in the test or reading appropriately between the line.
what is conclusion? to make a judgement about something.
what is to analyze words? to look at something and understand its small units or parts.
what is figurative? use of a word, however, brings in an element of fantasy or exaggeration.
what is literal? use of a word means to use a word in a factual way or stress the truth of a statement that might otherwise be understood as figurative.
what is signal words? words that point to a similarity or a difference in the selection.
what is biased or slanted tone? the writting by an author which presents only one side of an issue as if it were the only possible choice.
what is to validate? the truth or correctness of a text, students will need to look at the source of the information-the author of the text
What is skimming? Skimming is the process of paaing lighty over the material quickly to extract necessary information.
What is nonstandardized english? Nonstandardized English contain grammar and usage that do not follow the strandard rules for English. The pronouns or verbs are nonstandard.
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