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TKAM - test

"To Kill A Mockingbird" exam

What is the origin of the term "Jim Crow"? when Daddy Rice sang a song and danced an impersonation that he saw from a black man named Jim Crow.
During the Great Depression, many dust bowl farmers packed their families into cars and headed where? agricultural fields and cities of the West.
What work is Harper Lee most famous for writing? "To Kill A Mockingbird".
By the end of the 19th century, what did the term "Jim Crow" become identified as? racial segregation & laws concerning segregation.
Why did the farmers leave? because people were questioning their democracy, individualism, and capitalism because that is the way they lived their lives. *(D.ouche I.n C.amo)
Who were the presidents during the 1930's? Herbert Hoover & Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
What did sculptor GUTZON BORGLUM create? the mount rushmore memorial.
Which case UPHELD segregation, or "seperate but equal"? Plessy vs Ferguson.
Who was BOOKER T. WASHINGTON? a spokesperson in the south who spoke about how black people would benefit staying in the south and working there.
What famous Civil War general is Harper Lee related to? Robert E. Lee
What case was OVERTURNED "separate but equal"? Brown vs Board of Education.
What was BOOKER T. WASHINGTON'S stance on segregation debates? thought that racism wasn't all that bad, and that it could be worse.
Who were some of the prominent authors of that time? ERSKINE CALDWELL, CARL SANDBURG, & DALE CARNEGIE?
What is "Black Thursday"? one of the two days that the stock market was conventionally said to have crashed.
What is the date of Black Thursday? October 24, 1929
What is said to be the other date? Tuesday; October 29, 1929
Where is To "Kill A Mocking Bird" set in? Maycomb County, Alabama
What year did Harper Lee win the Pullitzer Prize? 1961
During what time frame is "To Kill A Mockingbird" set in? the 1930's.
What piece of literature did Harper Lee win the Pullitzer Prize for? "To Kill A Mockingbird".
How did the Wall Street crash lead to the Great Depression? since most people invested their money in stocks, when it crashed they lost their riches and their property.
Who were the Scotsoboro boys? Charles Weems, Clarence Norris, Andy Wright, Ozie Powell, Olen Montgomery, Eugene Williams, Willie Roberson, Ray Wright, & Haywood Patterson.
What were the Scotsboro boys known for doing? for being guilty of assaulting a group of white boys by starting a stone throwing fight.
How did the Scotsboro boys get into so much trouble? because some of the boys were believed to have raped a girl.
How did the Scotsboro boys' attorney show his lack of experience? by trying to defend all the boys in one hearing, they did little cross-examination, and their only witnesses were the boys themselves, and lastly their testimony was confussing.
Were the Scotsboro boys ever pardoned of their wrongful convictions? no. because their pre-pardon interviews with Governor Bibb Graves went wrong because of weapons and refusal to speak.
Created by: Lauren_Chambless



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