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1st HIst test

American Studies

What was so different about the South ? The South was the last place that had family morals and values. The south was just all around different.
How was the south politically southernized ? The South did not have great political power. Most of their power was Congressional
During the 1850's and 1860's what was the political party of the South ? Democrat
Culturally how was the South southernized ? The south was called the Bible belt, and was heavily involved with the Southern Baptist Convention
Demographically how was the South southernized ? Many of the blacks who had moved to the north began moving back to the south. The population began to grow and cities in the South become major economic hubs ( Atlanta, Dallas)
In the colonial years, Southern men and women were associated with what ? Cavaliers and Southern Belles
After the Civil War, how was the south viewed? They mo longer had political power
What were the causes of Southern (Q1) distinctivness ? The legacy of slavery which included racial, economic, and cultural factors;
How did the south economically and structurally develop ? (Q2) The Economic structure revolved around sharecropping, and the southern soil was known for cash crops. Cotton, tobacco, rice and sugar cane were common
How was the South ethnically composed ? There was really no diversity in the South. Either you were black or white
How was the South distinctive in the 1900's ? (K1) Basically through Jim Crow Segregation, Staple-Crop Agriculture, Fundamentalist Christianity, and One-Party Politics.
What was Jim-Crow Segregation ? (K2) These were basically segregation laws that prevented blacks from doing alot of the things that whites did. Examples are the Brown vs. Board of Education case which dealt with segregation of schools.
What is staple-crop agriculture ? (K3) This was the south's lack of diversity in agriculture. Everyone pretty much had the same cash crop.. COTTON
What was fundamentalist Christianity ? (K4) This was the idea that most worship came in three categories. Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian. Catholicism was only seen in New Orleans
What were One-Party Politics ? (K5) This is basically the idea that the solid south only had one party, the Democrats
What were some of the ways that you could identify the south in the early 20th century ? The lost cause, racial consciousness, cultural traditionalism, populism, and fear of external Enemies
Lost Cause ? The idea that the south has lost it's decadent, cavalier, southern belle ways
Racial Consciousness ? Knowing which race you belong to and the stigmas brought with that, i.e. Whites were superior to all and blacks were at the bottom
Cultural traditionalism ? This provided hope for the way the south used to be
Populism and Fear of External Enemies ? This is political rhetoric/ political doctrine for the rights of the common people
How did people remember the Old South ? Parties, plantations, and was remembered as decadent and aristocratic. The South was the poorest after the Civil War
What are the 4 principles of the lost cause ? The Old South was an Idyllic society, Secession was a defense of state's rights not slavery, The war of Northern Aggression, and Why the war was lost
What was the war of northern aggression ? This was the idea that the north forced the south to fight and it placed the blame on them
Why was the war lost ? The north had a bigger industry and had a better grasp just be sheer numbers, and others thought that God had chosen the south as his people, and he was making them go through terrible trials to prove their status
What were some of the manifestations of the lost cause ? Some included cultural memory, physical memory, and social implications
What were some of the cultural manifestations of the lost cause ? " The Birth of a Nation" and " Gone with the Wind"
What were some of the physical ? Nathan Bedforest ( Ku Klux Klan); and Confederate Memorial Hall (Vandy)
Social Implications ? Women should model themselves as southern belles and generally be polite
Topics on the ways in which white people thought in the 1890's Social Darwinism, Liberal-Uplifting the Noble, Conservative- Control & tolerate, Radical-Exclude and Eliminate
What is Social Darwinism ? This is the belief of the survival of the fittest, and the belief of a racial hierarchy.
What is meant by uplifting the noble savage ? This was the action of improving the conditions of the blacks. Many believed blacks were inferior, so they wanted to help improve their status. Only thought that they were good for industrial education. ( Booker T Washington was a great example
How did whites control and tolerate blacks ? Decisions were made that African-American were best suited for manual labor. Blacks were given the right to farm as long as they accepted their "role" in life
How did whites exclude and eliminate blacks ? Many thought that African-Americans were a threat to white women, took jobs and were violent. Means of punishment were lynching
What was the Black Image ? The childlike innocent, the humble nurterer, and the menacing rapist
Who is the childlike innocent ? A person that doesn't want much of out life and just wants to have fun
Who is the humble nurterer? This person was critical to the well being of Southern families. They are caring, good, and had authority over the white children. Using the word "aunt" or "uncle" signified respect
Who is the menacing rapist ? He is a threat to ALL white women
What factors did race play in southern politics ? In the 19th century laws were made to segregate blacks from whites. Removing the right for blacks to vote happened (1900) ... Grandfather clause, poll tax
What happened in Plessy vs. Ferguson ? This was the idea of blacks being separate but equal
What are some examples of the black image today ? Highly educated parents and a clean show... ( not realistic)
What is southern womanhood ? This is the notion that women were the south's most prized possessions. If anyone wanted to damage the south, talk about their women
What is the nature of the ideal southern woman ? Preserving her chastity (no sex before marriage or outside of marriage), Decorum (good manners), and Vulnerability ( the idea that it was a man's job to protect a woman because she was so delicate)
What is the nature of the ideal southern man ? Men were supposed to be virile ( pressure women and go after sex), dashing ( dangerous and reckless), and the protective
What happened in the Leo Frank case ? Mary Phagan was murdered and found in the factory where she worked. Leo Frank a white Jew, was the owner and he was lynched by the townspeople
What is southern womanhood and the defense of the virtue ? Women are always protected by men outside of their families, women generally work to support their families. There was this thought that Mary Phagan might have been sexually active and that would have destroyed her reputation
What is southern manhood and the need for vengeance ? This was a challenge to the manhood of her community because the men failed to protect her
Created by: ayannacamp
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