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UPS Safety Questions

UPS Driver safety questions

Aim High in Steering How do you do it imaginary target. baseball / dartboard
Aim High in Steering What does it do for you centers in traffic, safe path on turns
Aim High in Steering Key phrase to remember Find a safe path well ahead
Get the big picture How do you do it how wide, deep. what's in it. objects, ground
Get the big picture What does it do for you keeps you away from billboards, smooth turns, stops. buys time
Get the big picture Key phrase to remember stay back and see it all
Keep your eyes moving How do you do it Rear 5-8 sec Front 2 sec
Keep your eyes moving What does it do for you keeps you alive at intersections; keeps eyes ahead of car
Keep your eyes moving Key phrase to remember scan dont stare
Leave yourself an out How do you do it have an escape route; path of least resistance.
Leave yourself an out What does it do for you space on all 4 sides
Leave yourself an out Key phrase to remember be prepared, expect the unexpected
Make sure they see you How do you do it use horn, lights, signals.
Make sure they see you What does it do for you establishes eye contact
Make sure they see you Key phrase to remember dont gamble, use your horn, lights, and signals
Rules of Backing 1. Dont back
Rules of Backing 2. Visually check area
Rules of Backing 3. Back Drivers side
Rules of Backing 4. straight back
Rules of Backing 5. avoid blind side back
Rules of Backing 6. minimize back
Rules of Backing 7. back first
Rules of Backing 8. tap horn & check mirrors, rear camera
Rules of Backing 9. back at controlled speed
Rules of Backing 10. when in doubt, stop and get out to check
10 point comentary 1. pulling from curb
10 point comentary 2. following distance
10 point comentary 3. eye lead time
10 point comentary 4. scan steering wheels
10 point comentary 5. make eye contact
10 point comentary 6. Use mirrors
10 point comentary 7. stale green lights
10 point comentary 8. stopped in traffic
10 point comentary 9. starting up at intersections
10 point comentary 10. count 1,2,3
10 point comentary - pulling from curb left blinker, mirror& look left. tail swing
10 point comentary - following distance 4-6 sec <30 6-8 >30
10 point comentary - eye lead time 8-12 sec
10 point comentary - scan steering wheels look for drivers, signs of life. & use horn
10 point comentary - make eye contact establish eye contact; use horn, lights, signals
10 point comentary - Use mirrors view every 5-8 sec
10 point comentary - stale green lights determine decision point safely stop or proceed
10 point comentary - stopped in traffic leave car length ahead of vehicle; parking brake
10 point comentary - starting up at intersections left, right, left & check rear view mirror
10 point comentary - count 1,2,3 creates space cushion. check rear view mirror
Yard control 1 must stay in the designated walk ways and break areas.
Yard control 2 use pedestrian doors to enter & exit.
Yard control 3 persons must be certified & wear a vest.
Yard control 4 Drivers are only allowed in the yard while performing their normal duties.
Yard control 5 Observe posted traffic signs.
Yard control 6 Take keys with you if leaving vehicle.
Yard control 7 Vehicles must have head & hazard lights w/ 360 degree visibility.
Yard control 8 Certified employees must place cone in work area.
Keys to lifting/lowering 1. get close to object
Keys to lifting/lowering 2. feet shoulders width apart
Keys to lifting/lowering 3. bend at knees
Keys to lifting/lowering 4. grasp opposite corners
Keys to lifting/lowering 5. test for weight / shifting contents
Keys to lifting/lowering 6. lift with smooth steady motion, dont jerk
Keys to lifting/lowering 7. pivot dont twist
Keys to lifting/lowering 8. use existing equipment to assist
keys prevent slips and falls 1. be aware of changing conditions
keys prevent slips and falls 2. look before stepping
keys prevent slips and falls 3. establish firm footing
keys prevent slips and falls 4. walk at a brisk pace
keys prevent slips and falls 5. never walk on conveyors, rollers, chutes, slides.
Created by: Kirk D
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