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drivers ed test

bunch of question

lending your driver's license to another person will result in: Suspension of your license
you must notify the department of Licensing of an address change within: 10 days
If you receive a traffic citation you have how many days to respond? fifteen days
the penalty for not carrying the requird insurance is suspension of your driving privilege for? 3 years
will you, the driver have to pay a fine if passengers over 16 ar not wearing their seat belts? no
Traffic signals, signs, Pavement markings and roundabouts are examples of: Guide Signs
The red light is always in what position on a vertical traffic light? top
What type of signs are usually yellow diamonds with black letters of symbols? Warning
When using a roundabout you should: drive to the right
The green arrow overhead means: you can use the lane beneath it
the red X means: do not use this lane.
A steady yellow X overhead means: shared turning lane
You should trave no further than how many feet in a shared turning lane? 300 feet
Should you ever stop in a travel lane? no
On a lane with more than two lanes traveling in the same direction you should : Use left lane for passing, use right for slower speeds, middle for higher speeds.
On a road with two lanes traveling in opposite directions you should: drive in right lane inless passing
When turning what lane do you want to turn into? closest one form the one you came from
Pedestrians and bicylists have the right of way when? at marked and unmarked crossings and intersections.
You must stop for a chool bus loading and unloading passengers: always inless traveling in the opposite direction with a separation of lanes of barriers of a median
you can legally exceed the speed limit when: Passing for a reasonable distance on a two lane two way road
Parking on an uphill grade with a curb you should turn wheels left set parking brake
when parallel parking you must be less than how many inches from curb? 12 inches
the age when you can leave a person alone in a car is over 16
When turning, under what circumstances must you stop for pedestrians crossing? when they are in one lane of your half of the roadway.
Reflective orange triangle displayed on the rear of a vehicle means slow moving vehicle
what types of signs are square, rectangle or have special shapes and are red, white of black with wite, black or red lettering or symbols> Regulatory signs
what is the penalty for not installing chains when they are required? $500
what is the fine for illegally parking in a handicap zone? $250
Destination, service and route markings signs are what type of signs? Guide signs
a solid white line on the right side of your vehicle means the edgeof the road and you should stay to left of it
A dashed yellow line between opposing lanes of traffic means you may cross it if safe to do so
Speed limit signs indicate maximum and minimum speeds you are allowed to travel assuming ideal conditions
Safer drivers scan ahead of their vehicles travel path how many seconds ahead? 10 seconds
Before turning a driver should signal his or her interntions at least 100 feet ahead
the single biggest contrivutor to collisions is failing to see waht is happening
when should you check hehind you before stoping always
when do your head lights need to be turned on form half hour after sunset intil half hour before sunrise
Dim your headlight when following another vehicle when your are within .. 300 feet in advance
Dim your headlights when meeting an oncomming car 500 feet in advance
Before entering a curve in the road the most important thing you should do is slow down
at 60 mph compared to 30 mph it can take up to how much longer to stop? three times as long to stop
On wet roads you should reduce speed how much 10 mph
why should you take more caution on bridges and over passes the freze and they are narrow
roads are more sloppery when? at or near the freezing point
the best rule to use regarding following distance is to maintain a minimum of four seconds
At 55 mph to pass someone it will take you how much time? at least 10 seconds
at 55 mph you will need how much space to pass safely? 1600 feet
correct hand signal for a left turn is? left arm straight out
When riding at night a bicyclist must have a white front light visible 500 feet and red reflector visible... 600 feet
the law requires your vision to be.. 20/40 in one eye
After consuming alcohol the body can get rid of approximately one drink per hour
Legal blood alcohol content limit in Washington for thos over 21 is ... under .08
Alchol related offenses appear on your dricing record for.. fifteen years
If your vehicle begins to skid you should... continue steering in the direction you want the vehicle to go
license plates must be displayed both rear and front
When purchasing a vehicle the purchaser must transfer ownership within 15 days
New residents in washinton must register their vehicle within _____ days of entering the state 30
Created by: hannahmilt