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LU points

Functions and Indications of LU points

LU-1 (Zhong Fu "Middle Palace") Function -spreads & descend LU QI & alleviates wheezing & coughing -transforms phlegm, clears heat & regulates water passages -descends ST QI
LU-1 Indications cough asthma pain in chest fullness in chest
LU-1 special point category front mu, meeting point of the LU & SP channel
LU-2 Functions (Yun Men "Cloud Gate") -clears LU heat & disseminates & descends LU QI -Dispels agitation & fullness
LU-2 Indications cough asthma pain in the chest, shoulder, arm fullness in chest
LU-3 Functions (Tian Fu "Palace of Heaven") -clears LU heat & descends LU qi -cools blood & stops bleeding -calms the corporeal soul (po)
LU-3 Indications asthma epistaxis (bleeding through nose) pain in medial aspect of upper arm Window of Heaven -Grief, trapped emotion
LU-4 Functions (Xia Bai "Clasping the White") Descends LU qi Regulates qi & blood in the chest
LU-4 Indications cough fullness in chest pain in the middle aspect of the upper arm
LU-5 Functions (Chi Ze "Cubit Marsh") -clears heat from the LU & descends rebellious qi -regulates the water passages -activates the channels -relaxes the sinews & alleviates pain
LU-5 Indications cough hemoptysis - expectoration of blood afternoon fever (qi xu) asthma sore throat fullness in the chest infantile convulsion spasmodic pain of elbow & arm mastitis
LU-5 Special Point Category He-Sea and Water point of the LU Channel
Lu-6 Functions (Kong-Zui "Maximum Opening") -disseminates & descends LU Qi -clears heat & moistens the LU -clears heat & stops bleeding - moderates acute conditions
LU-6 Indications cough pain in chest asthma hemoptysis - spitting up blood sore throat spasmodic pain of the elbow & arm
LU-6 Special Point Category xi-cleft point of the LU channel (yin blood disorders)
LU-7 Functions (Lie Que "Broken Sequence) -releases the ext. & expels wind -promotes descending function of LU -pacifies wind & phlegm -benefits the head & nape -opens & regulates conception vessel -regulates the water passages -activates channel & alleviates pain
LU-7 Indications -HA -migraine -sore throat -cough -asthma -neck rigidity -facial paralysis -Luo - toothache, pain, & weakness of wrist
Lu-7 special Point Category Luo Confluent of Ren Command Point Heavenly Star
LU-8 Functions (Jing Gu "Channel Gutter") Descends LU Qi alleviates cough & wheezing
Lu-8 Indications cough, asthma fever pain in chest sore throat pain in wrist
LU-8 Special Point Category Jing River, Metal Point Horary (Classic of Difficulties - Jing River pts are indicated for cough & dyspnea, chills & fever)
LU-9 Functions (Tai Yuan "Supreme Abyss" -Tonifies LU & transforms phlegm -promotes descending function of LU -regulates & harmonizes 100 vessels -activates channel & alleviates pain (ACAP)
LU-9 Indications cough asthma hemoptysis sore throat palpation pain in chest,wrist, arm
LU-9 Special Point Category Shu-Stream Yuan Source Earth point of LU Channel Hui meeting point of the vessels
LU-10 Functions (Yu Ji Fish Border") -benefits the throat -clears LU heat -descends rebellious qi -harmonizes the stomach & heart
LU-10 Indications cough hemoptysis SORE THROAT (clears heat for sore throat) loss of voice fever sensation in palm
LU-10 Special Point Category Ying-Spring Fire Point
LU-11 Functions (Shao Shang "Lesser Shang") -revives consciousness -clears heat & benefits throat
LU-11 Indications sore throat cough asthma epistaxis fever loss of consciousness
Lu-11 Special Point Category Jing-Well Wood Point Sun Si-Mao Ghost Point
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