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flash cards for midterms

What is the primary herb for tai yang cold damage? ma huang
what is the primary herb for tai yang wind strike gui zhi
what herb is the strongest diaphoretic ma huang
what herb invigorates the blood and shouldn't be used in pregnancy gui zhi
what is the best herb for liver qi stagnation chai hu
what is the best herb for wei-level wind heat pattern bo he
what is the best herb to resolve shao yang disorder chai hu
what herb is very cold and is contraindicated in yin def fever shi gao
what is the key herb to supplement yin sheng di huang
what is the main herb for qi level heat shi gao
what two herbs clear heat, generated fluids and nourish yin zhi mu, sheng di huang
what two herbs treat bi-syndrome ma huang, gui zhi
what two herbs relieve constrained liver qi bo he & chai hu
what herb vents rashes bo he
what herb can be used topically on burns, eczema and ulcers shi gao
what herbs clears heat and cools blood sheng di huang
what herb clears excess heat from lung and blazing fire from stomach shi gao
what herb disperses wind-heat and benefits the head, eyes, and throat bo he
what herb raises and lifts yang qi chai hu
what herb warms and moves blood in blood vessels and helps remove stagnation gui zhi
what herb is contraindicated in pt with high blood pressure ma huang
what herb releases to the exterior and assists yang gui zhi
what two herbs clear heat and drain fire shi gao, zhi mu
what two herbs treat "wasting and thirsting disease" zhi mu & sheng di huang
what herb has LV, GB, PC, SJ as entering channels chai hu
what herb has LV KD HT as enter channels sheng di huang
what herb has LU ST KD as entering channels zhi mu
what herb has LU UB and HT as entering channels gui zhi
Wht herb has LU and ST as entering channels shi gao
what herb has LU and UB as entering channels ma huang
what herb has LU and LV as entering channels bo he
what herb down bears lung qi to clam cough and wheeze ma huang
what herb can be used for HA, toothache, swollen and painful gums, thirst and extreme hunger shi gao
what herb should only be cooked for 5 min bo he
what herb promotes urination and reduces edema ma huang
what herb exemplifies the doctrine of signatures gui zhi
is tai yang cold pattern a replete or vacuity pattern replete
is tai yang wind strike a replete or vacuity pattern vacuity
what type of pulse does tai yang cold pattern have floating, tight
what type of pulse does tai yang wind strike have floating, sluggish
alternating fever and chills is a syptom of shao yang disorder
simultaneous fever and chills, with more fever than chills is a symptom of external wind heat
simultaneous fever and chills, with more chills than fever is a symptom of tai yang cold pattern
affect mid depression, vexation, agitation and irascibility are symptoms of binding depression of liver qi binding depression of liver qi
the four bigs are at which of the 4 energetic levels qi level
low grade fever in the evenings, malor flush, 5 center heat, thirst for sips, rapid thing pulse & red tongue w/little or not coat is s/s of yin def
source of true yin in the body is kidney
what energetic level affects the heart and PC and has indistinct skin eruptions, red tongue w/no coat ying-nutritive qi (construction qi)
what of the 5 tastes breaks up accumulations acrid
what taste clear heat bitter
what taste harmonizes the middle sweet
what taste upbears yang acrid
what taste nourishes and generates fluids sweet
what taste prevents loss of qi and fluid sour
what taste open channels bitter
what herb is known for it's ascending and dispersing actions chai hu
what is the most yang of the yn organs lungs
what are the 3 causes of bleeding in chines med heat, spleen xu, blood stasis
in the school of warm diseases, heat enters the body through nose and mouth
heat in the GB channel presents like __ ___ disorder shao yang
1-what is an extremely important herb for damp-heat diarrhea and what herb often accompanies it? huang qin and huang lian
2-what is one of the most bitter herbs in the materia medica? huang lian
3-what is the major heat clearing herb? huang lian
4-what herb is used for foul smelling yellow vaginal discharge? huang bai
5-what herb is used for restless fetus? huang qin
6-pt presents with vomiting, acid reflux, bad breath and big hunger, what herb do you use? huang lian
7-pt has night sweats, afternoon fever, malar flush, 5 center heat & thirst for sips,you use what 2 herbs? huang bai and qing hao
8-what herb accompanies 7 to nourish the yin? sheng di huang
9-pt presents with H/A, irritable, flushed face and bitter taste in mouth, what herb do you use? huang qin
10-what is the antimicrobial found in huang lian and huang bai? berbering
11-pt presents with rapid wiry pulse, red tongue, greasy yellow coat, and blood in stool & vomit, what two herbs would you use? huang qin and huang lian
12-pt presents with sore throat, H/A, fever w/ slight chills, red eyes and floating rapid pulse, what 2 herbs do you use? jin yin hua and lian qiao
13-pt has clumps like external sores,internal abscesses,scrofula or throat painful obstruction,what herb? lian qiao
14-what herb used for hot painful sores esp. in the throat,breast,eyes & intestines,ie:mastitis & mumps? jin yin hua
15-what herb treats summerheat damp? qing hao
16-what herb is the most important purgative? da huang
17-what herb would be used for constipation in an elderly, postpartum or chronically ill pt? huo ma ren
18-what herb would be used for hydrothorax, ascites or pleurisy? gan sui
19-pt has loss of appetite,diarrhea,epigastric distention,dizzyness,h/a,palpitations & greasy tongue,what herb? fu ling
20-what herb is used to promote urination? fu ling pi
21-what herb is the drug of choice for malaria? qing hao
22-pt presents with fixed stabbing pain and painful menses, what herb? da huang
23-what herb contains omega 3 fatty acids? huo ma ren
24-pt presents w/ palpitations, insomnia & forgetfulness, what herb? fu ling
25-pt presents with low fever, h/a, stifling sensation in chest, heaviness, sloppy stools, cumbersome limbs, oppression, nausea and vomiting, what herb to use? qing hao
26-what is the primary herb for constipation w/ abdominal distention & pain, fever, thirst, sweat, deep replete pulse? da huang
27-what herb used for difficult urination, edema or water amassment? fu ling
28-what is the contraindication for huang qin, huang lian and huang bia? sp/st xu with cold
29-what is the contraindication of da huang and why? pregnancy and nursing mothers, because it invigorates the blood
30-what is the category for gan sui? harsh expellants
31-what is the contraindication for fu ling? yin xu w/dryness
32-what is the contraindication for jin yin hua and lian qiao? none noted
33-what herb treats fire toxin sores and damp skin lesions? huang bai
34-what special preparation is used for da huang when using to purge? only cook 10 min
35-what category drive out water? cathartics or harsh expellants
36-what category treats repletion disorders where there is accumulation of stool? purgative
37-what disorder is the stage where cold entered body and transformed into heat, with 4 bigs? yang ming fu
38-what is the key sign for gastrointestinal heat bind? constipation
39-pt presents with palpitations, insomnia, vexation, irritability and vivid dreaming, what herb? huang lian
40-pt presents w/ fever, thirst, cough w/ thick yellow sputum, what herb? huang qin
41-what is the primary herb for yang ming organ disorder? da huang
42-pt presents w/ flushed face, red eyes, irritability, anger and high b/p, what herb? huang qin
43-pt presents w/ rapid pulse, red tongue, vomiting or coughing up blood, what two herbs? huang qin and huang lian
44-what are the three herbs that clear heat and dry damp? huang qin, huang lian, and huang bai
45-what are the two herbs that clear heat and relieve toxicity? jin yin hua and lian qiao
46-what herb clears deficiency heat? qing hao
47-what herb drains dampness? fu ling
48-what herb is a purgative? da huang
49-what herb is a moist laxative? huo ma ren
50-what herb is a harsh expellant? gan sui
51-what is the property of huang qin, huang lian and huang bai? cold, bitter
52-what is the properties of jin yin hua? cold, sweet
53-what is the properties of lian qiao? sl cold, bitter and sl acrid
54-what is the properties of qing hao? cold, bitter and aromatic
55-what is the properties of fu ling? neutral, bland, and sweet
56-what is the properties of da huang? cold, bitter
57-what is the properties of huo ma ren? neutral and sweet
58-what does the bland taste do? disinhibits dampness & promotes urination
59-what does the sweet taste do? nourishes or moistens
60-what does the bitter taste do? clears heat and drains dampness
61-what does aromatic do? disencumbers spleen and transforms dampness
62-what two herbs are neutral and sweet? fu ling and huo ma ren
63-what herb is bland? fu ling
64-what herb is aromatic? qing hao
65-what herb is slightly acrid? lian qiao
66-what does acrid do? breaks up accumulations
67-what two herbs can be used topically for sores, abscesses and fire lesions? huang bai and jin yin hua
68-what herb besides fu ling calms the spirit? fu shen
69-what three organs are involved in internally contracted dampness? lung, spleen kidney
70-pt has dizzyness, h/a, palpitations, greasy tongue coating and coughing up copious phlegm, what herb? fu ling
71-what category do we use when there is difficult urination or edema? drain dampness
72-primary disorder we treat with purgatives is? yang ming fu
73-the disorder that presents with heat in the large intestine is? gastrointestinal heat bind
74-the two organs that are involved in the 4 bigs or yang ming are? stomach and large intestine
75-what two evils are we expelling with purgatives? fire and cold
76-what pattern identification is characterized by enduring low fever, fatigued, cumbersome limbs, poor apetite, oppression in the chest, nausea and vomiting, freq sloppy stools, soggy pulse and red tongue with thick, greasy coat? summerheat damp
77-pt has alternating fever & chills,rapid wiry pulse,red tongue,nausea and vomiting, what herb? qing hao, chai hu
78-pt has fire toxin sores w/ constipation, what herb? da huang
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